Month’s End: January 2015 Review

Month’s End: January Review 2015
On the last day of each month I will give a short spoiler-less review of each book that came out that I was able to buy and read. This month that is 6 issues. Last week I made my thoughts very clear on Spider Woman 3 and Scarlet Spiders 3 but they will still be included as they were released earlier this month.

6.) Spider Woman # 3
This was a very lackluster issue. I felt the writing was good but the lack of plot, lack of direction. skipping major events and overall no true ending made me not really enjoy reading this issue and do NOT get me started on Greg Land’s art.

5.) Scarlet Spiders # 3
Let me put it this way. This wasn’t a good week for Spider-verse tie ins. It exceeded on aspects of a tie in where Spider Woman failed such as a plot and a clear ending but the shakiness of the art really bothered me. Sometimes it was great other times it was okay at best. Also I felt the ending had no emotional pull even though that is what the writer was going for.

4. The Legendary Star Lord # 7
This is where it gets harder to pinpoint what issues go where. The divide line between the last two with the next four is very large. This was a very fun issue but I felt it was rushed to set up the new annual Xmen and Guardians of the Galaxy event: The Black Vortex. I really did like several parts of this issues but not as much as the next three

3. Antman # 1
I really wanted to put this issue higher. It really focused on the unlikable side of him that I like in superheroes but beyond that it showed his love for his daughter is greater then anything even if the other decision might be the better choice. I would say the weakest parts of this book was the scenes with Scott and Peggy. I felt it was almost the exact same bickering every time they met and it could have been done a bit differently but it was a very heartwarming to read.

2. Uncanny Avengers # 1

that Magneto is not the father of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Pietro and Wanda go to counter earth which is home of the New Men(they are basically humanoid animals). I will go into detail in a future article but the high evolutionary has been involved with the parental arc of Pietro and Wanda since the very beginning so it is clear that they would travel here to find answers. We learn nothing new but I am interested to see what happens.

Rogue sets up a new unity squad mixed with different avengers and X-Men to go to counter Earth to find Wanda and Pietro and I just really like how this issue finds a way to highlight everyone and that it doesn’t shove everyone aside to showcase the twins. This issue was very good. Remender is on a roll and is most likely the best modern writer Marvel has.

1. Legendary Starlord # 8
This issue really focused on Starlord and that there is more to him then a thief…I think. It was just a really fun issue and it was great seeing the final pieces getting placed for Black Vortex. This issue was a great setup issue and I did not feel that anything was rushed. Very enjoyable.

As you know this is my second article and more or less a trail run for this series. Please let me know ways I can improve the monthly review in any way.

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  1. chris says:

    Aw MAN! Scarlet Spiders #3 was like watching a Venture Brothers Comic. I almost felt ripped off completely.

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