Month’s End: February Review

Month’s End: February Review
By: Christopher Johnson.
(DISCLAIMER: All panels and covers do not belong to me but “Marvel Comics” and you are warned for minor spoilers)

This is the end of the month where I do some short reviews for each comic book that I read in that month. Also from now on I will explain changes in comics I bought and explain things that need to be. In January the only comic that was removed was “Scarlet Spiders” as it ended. Now in February I sorta added three books. There is a Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men event called “Black Vortex” and each chapter of the story will be an issue from different books. This month the included issues were “Black Vortex: Alpha”, “The Legendary Starlord” “All New X-Men” and Guardians of the Galaxy”. Along with Starlord; “Ant-man”, “Spider Woman” and “Uncanny Avengers” are returning to this list. Now with no more hesitation let us begin with my least favorite book of the month.

#7. Guardians of the Galaxy 24 (Black Vortex Chapter 2)
What really made me kinda feel “eh” about this I guess was just the writing of Brain Michael Bendis. Also I felt there was little story progression. Sure we are introduced to the fact that the brood want the mirror but I guess I should explain the mirror. The black vortex seemingly unlocks your hidden potential but in order for it to do so you have to give into it and pretty much let it control you. Overall I just felt this issue had very little progression and is purely to set up issue 3. Plus the art drove me crazy.

#6. All New X-Men 38 (Black Vortex Chapter 4)
This issue is written a little better thanks to Bendis not having to write so many at once but I am so confused. I have no idea why they are divided over the mirror and the ones who don’t want to destroy it ain’t making any moves to stop those who keep it. It seems to be “The people who surrendered to it vs. Those who haven’t” and I don’t understand. Also it’s hard to tell who the villain is. I’m sure lines will be drawn and things will become clear but right now things are so jumbled. The art is better then the second chapter but only when it is normally drawn. The new artist adds so much random color squares that it is hard to look at sometimes.

#5. Uncanny Avengers 2
I really want to make a rant and move this to the bottom of the list for a revelation that happened but at this time we do not know everything and will reserve my thoughts for this matter until the end of this arc in May. Where I will discuss everything in its own article. Now back to the ISSUE at hand (hehehe). This really went down from last issue. in the first issue I praised how the twins did not hog the spotlight and how everyone had some decent amount of screen time this has changed. The twins were pretty much the focus besides Sabertooth and Brother Voodoo. Not quite sure what purpose Voodoo’s portion served but I liked how Sabertooth was used. My biggest problem is that this is a TEAM book and some members of the team either had literally one panel or were 100% absent. I would say the only thing that saved this book was Sabertooth’s part and because I just find the High Evolutionary to be so interesting

#4. Spider Woman 4
This issue is not as good as Spider Woman 2 but it is a better then the third issue. The art is still cringe worthy but what can you expect? It’s Greg Land. It was nice to see Jessica interact with Carol and that she was shaken so much from Spider Verse that she had to do what she did in this issue but really did not know what to do after. The biggest reason this issue is so high is due to the weaker articles in front of it. I felt this was simply a transition article but I am very interested in seeing where this series ends up.

#3. Black Vortex: Alpha (Chapter one)
This issue was a great setup issue. It really laid the tone and was a very cool. Another thing this issue did is that it gave us the three main plot points the heroes(The X men, Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel), j’sun/Thane and Gara, who is the last of some alien race called the “Viscard” without it feeling too much. I guess the problems once again is the the heroes who are against it never really said why they want it destroyed. Overall this was a good issue.

#2. The Legendary Starlord 9 (Black Vortex Chapter 3)
Hands down the best black vortex issue of the month. The story flowed really well and the argument scenes well written very well. Just like the first issue this was written by Sam Humpries and he did not disappoint. As with all the issues I am not seeing why the black vortex is bad but it doesn’t matter this was such a great issue that really moved the story along.

#1. Ant-man 2
I never thought I would consider what is clearly a comedy book to be ranked this high but Spencer did such an outstanding job. This issue just pumps me up for what is to come and just really excites me to see where this goes. The writing was spot on and there is an air of mystery that really intrigues you to see where he is going. Plus the arrival of one of my favorite marvel villains really makes this series a must read and only on its second issue.

Overall this month weighed more so on the “eh” side of things with the book ranked fourth being in the middle the scale dramatically tipping to “very good” with the third ranked book. Next week will be the issue blog that won the poll a few weeks back “Original Avengers vs. Original X-Men”. Once again I am still new to this so if you have a suggestion on how to improve this or any other series please let me know. Thank you.

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