Original Avengers vs. Original X-Men

Original Avengers vs. Original X-Men
By: Christopher Johnson

Avengers and X-Men, the two legendary teams from “Marvel Comics” both who have had numerous different lineups. Now, I know there have this has been done in the comics at several points but I would like to present my thoughts about who would win if the ORIGINAL version of both teams were to fight. I will start off by listing which members this includes for those who do not know, Then I will explain what abilities each character can do at this point in time and finally I will explain my thoughts on how the battle will play out and who would win (In my opinion).

Starting off on the Avengers side you have Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Ant Man and Wasp. Most people consider Captain America as an original member but I will be going by the teams presented in the very first issue. Captain America did not join the team till issue 3.
1. Iron Man was very basic besides from electrical outlets and power tools Iron man had very limited flight, the concussive beam from his chest and an electrical field generator.
2. and 3. Wasp and Ant man both can shrink but Wasp can fly and shoot energy blasts while Ant Man only has uses of ant man which can be used for flying and attacking.
4. Hulk is the same as he is now except he was fairly barbaric in nature and not as intelligent as he is portrayed now in comics.
5. Thor is equipped with his hammer and has the abilities of flight and lightning strikes

Next up the X-Men : There team simply consists of Ice-Man, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Gray and Angel.
1. Ice Man can use ice to attack and can create and ice slide to kinda fly.
2. Beast has no feline features at this time nor is he covered in fur. He still has large hands and feet.
3. Cyclops is pretty much the same as he is now. He can just fire off an optical blast from his eyes.
4. Jean Gray has the powers of telekinesis and fire mind blasts.
5. Angel can fly. That is all as he has yet to become Archangel.

So how would this play out? Well to begin as I said Hulk is pretty barbaric so I imagine he would try to smash one of the members of the X-Men but then Jean would simply use her telekinesis powers to stop Hulk in his tracks for a while. Now knowing how intelligent Hank Pym is I could see him sending ants to distract Jean but then Ice Man would simply shoot shards of ice at the ants to keep them away. Next I could Thor heading straight for Beast. Now seeing how Beast is in his weaker form, Thor would easily win. I do not see Ant Man or Wasp being very useful and falling very quickly die to Ice Man and Cyclops being able to shoot them down. That just leaves Ice Man, Cyclops, Jean Gray, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. By now I could see Hulk breaking free of Jean Gray’s hold as she is untrained and not the omega level mutant that is ultimately becomes. ICe Man might now try to freeze the Hulk but the ice would not hold long at all but as Hulk would attempt to knock out Jean, she would send out a mind blast strong enough to disable Hulk long enough for the battle to have already ended. After that Jean would be too weak to be able to fight so she leaves the fight. I could see Iron Man having troubles with Ice Man as he is sliding around but he would eventually take him out. Not too long after this Cyclops is able to take Iron Man out because Iron Man’s suit may be protective but it is still very basic thus can not take too many blast. Now finally we have Thor vs. Cyclops. I do not see Thor being able to fall to Cyclops. Optical blasts can not stop a hammer made out of the rare and ancient metal that Thor’s is made of. Now if Prof X was in the battle the outcome would be 100% different but alas as the teacher he was not included thus I believe the Avengers would win. Now how would it happen now? I can not say as there is not one definite team nowadays. Thank you for taking the time to read this short blog post. If you would like to be informed of future articles you can either “sign up” by entering in your email in the box to the right or if you have a wordpress account just click the “follow” button. You can also “like” the “Comic Conversations” facebook page as well! Thank you once again!

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