Kaine: Hero or Monster

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Kaine Parker, the original clone of the Peter Park…the failed clone. Ever since Kaine was revived by the Jackal in 2011’s Spider Island mini event he has faced the question who am I? A hero, a monster or maybe even both? Today I will go into the background of the character and reasons to support both main ideals.

To understand if Kaine is indeed a monster or a hero we need to first know his background. Kaine was the first clone of Peter Parker created by Dr. Miles Warren who is more commonly known as The Jackal. Besides having all of Peter’s abilities, Kaine also had enhanced spider sensing that allowed him to see into the future and something called “The Mark of Kaine” where he can burn the palms of his hand and leave imprints of his hand anywhere. In the eyes of his creator Kaine was a failure because even though at first everything was going great after a while Kaine began to get scars and become deformed. After this Kaine faced rejection and his creator went on to create the perfect clone; Ben Reilly. After a battle between Ben and Spider-man, Ben realized he was the clone so he fled to Salt Lake City. Kaine was tricked into thinking that Peter was the second clone so, he followed Ben to Salt Lake City. While there Kaine committed various murders and framed them on Ben(They have the same fingerprints), he did this so Peter(Who he thought was the clone) could live the life he never was able to live. Now when Ben and Kaine returned to New York, Kaine received visions of Mary Jane dying so Kaine killed everyone who might be considered a threat. After several skirmishes Kaine admits that he is the first clone of Peter and that he killed all of those people. Later, Ben and Peter want to know who is truly the clone. They seek they help of Steward Trainer who alters the results and tells Peter that he is the clone. Peter, in a fit of rage tries to attack Ben but hits Mary Jane when she tried to stop Peter. Peter then teams up with the Jackal. Kaine confronts the Jackal and tries to not let Peter ruin his own life but Kaine is once again tricked and then flees from embarrassment. Later on Kaine returns to help Ben fight some spider clones and he seemingly dies saving the Jackal, who then places Kaine in a regenerative pod. The pod is later seen empty.

Later during Ben’s time as Spider-Man, Kaine was revived and was forced into a competition called the great game. He refused to join and allied himself with a guy named Shannon. Kaine had fled to the headquarters of the guy in charge and while there Shannon revealed he had deceived Kaine and was working with the leader, Johnsmeyer. Kaine was tired of being everyone’s puppet and tried to kill Shannon but he once again fled. After being encouraged by Ben’s example he finally let go of his hatred for Ben and turned himself into the law. Kaine escaped along with other criminals during a massive breakout. Several months later during “The Grim Hunt” Kaine sacrificed himself to save Peter but he was revived by the Jackal as the villain “Tarantula”. During the Spider Island event Tarantula was cured by Spider-Man then aided him by killing “The Queen”. After this Kaine was giving a stealth suit and moved to Houston to get away from super heroes. He found himself struggling between if he is a monster or a hero. From what he has done, can he be considered a hero. By the end of the book he came to that same conclusion as I have but after that he got swept up into the new warriors where he reluctantly played a hero and he joined all the other spider people in Spider verse where he seemingly died for a third time. The funny thing is that we have yet to talk about the topic. So, let’s get into it.

First and foremost Kaine IS a monster. He does not have the restraint that Peter has and he was created to be a villain, to oppose Spider-Man. Kaine can also be considered a monster not only because he murdered people but he mercilessly killed people in order to save Mary Jane but that is interesting…if I am calling him a monster why is he trying to save people? That is because he IS the clone of Peter Parker, which means the nice part of Peter sometimes surfaces in Kaine. Kaine might be a monster with no restraint but he is always compelled to do right. As I was saying about how his solo book focused on the question I am dealing with is that it placed a man(Kaine) in a city(Houston) where no one knows what he has done so they only see him as a hero. Personally, I believe he is both. A heroic monster. The next article will be my thoughts on both upcoming comic book events from DC and Marvel since both share a lot of similarities. If you would like to be updated on when new posts are made simply sign your email to the right or “like” comic conversations on Facebook.

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