Month’s End: March 2015

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Month’s End: March 2015

By: Christopher Johnson


For the month of March we had very little change besides the change of black vortex books. Below is a list of the changes from February to March.

– Series that have stayed
1. The Legendary Starlord 10 (Black Vortex 10)
2. All New X-Men 39 (Black Vortex 5)
3. Gaurdians of the Galaxy 25 (Black Vortex 7)
4. Antman 3
5. Spider Woman 5
-Series that were removed
1. Black Vortex Alpha 1 (Switched out of a different book)
2. Uncanny Avengers 3 (Not cancelled or dropped. Just delayed)
-Series that were added
1. Gaurdians Team Up 3 (Black Vortex 6 LAST ISSUE)
2. Nova 28 (Black Vortex 8 LAST ISSUE)
3. All New Captain America 5


8. All New X-Men 39 (Black Vortex 5)
What really drug this issue down for me is all of the bright colors and it felt like a set- up issue for (SPOILERS!!) another set up style issue. The bright colors bothered me because I felt that the use of random bright colors was really distracting to look at.
7. Gaurdians Team Up 3 (Black Vortex 6)
I kinda enjoyed this issue but the only point in this book is so the main group can stay on the kree homeland for multiple issues, but one thing I really enjoyed about this issue is that it shows how strong the Black Vortex is to where it is able to turn a man as loyal as Ronan against his own people
6. Nova 28 (Black Vortex 8)
I felt this issue was simply a filler story. Nothing in this issue affects the overall plot. It introduced character that will never be seen again but with that said I thought it was well written and more enjoyable than the other two but it is lower then the two Black Vortex books (Guardians and Legendary Starlord) because it has a lack of a plot.
5. Guardians of the Galaxy 25 (Black Vortex 7)
This issue really moved the story along and it was a very exciting read. When the (SPOILERS) Kree homeworld blew up you realized the magnitude of the book and it really pushed the emotional impact that really drove the book.
4. Spider Woman 5
This issue was a giant step in a great direction. This finally feels like a Spider Woman story. Not a tie in nor a transitional issue but a real story. A very enjoyable issue.
3. Legendary Starlord 10 (Black Vortex 10)
Dang…Most likely the best Black Vortex issue yet. The emotional pull of starlord and Kitty really made this issue worth reading. Now all the heroes are pushed into a corner and have realized how dangerous and uncontrollable the Black Vortex really is.
2. All New Captain America 5
This is a new series. The past four issues were very well written and this issue is no different. Seeing Sam Wilson earn the namesake as Captain America was very refreshing in a way. Also seeing Ian Rogers (Steve Rogers son from an alternate dimension) was a kind of a bummer because in earlier issues(SPOILERS!!!!!) Ian was killed but was revived due to this gel under his armor that heals all wounds.
1. Ant Man 3
Once again this was a very well done issue. It was funny, wacky, had heart and some very tense moments. I am really enjoy what Spencer is doing with this series


Overall this month was better then last month. Ant Man, Spider Woman and Starlord are now joined by the newcomer, All New Cap, up at the top. The bottom 3 were clearly the books I enjoyed the least with “Guardians of the Galaxy” stuck somewhere in the middle.

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One Response to Month’s End: March 2015

  1. Cody Libolt says:

    I enjoyed this. I love seeing how you analyze and sum up the effectiveness of the stories. It’s kind of like after going to a movie and then hashing it out afterward. Which reminds me… only 23 days 17 hours and 53 minutes until Age of Ultron!

    Liked by 1 person

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