Month’s End: April 2015

DISCLAIMER: All Images and covers do not belong to me but to Marvel

Month’s End: April 2015

By: Christopher Johnson


For the month of April we had very little change besides the change of black vortex books. Below is a list of the changes from March to April.

– Series that have stayed
1. The Legendary Starlord 10 (Black Vortex 10)
2. Antman 3
3. Spider Woman 5
-Series that were removed
1. All New X-Men 39 (Removed due to Black Vortex rotating)
2. Gaurdians of the Galaxy 25 (Removed due to Black Vortex rotating)
3. Nova 28 (Removed due to Black Vortex rotating)
4. Gaurdians Team Up 3 (Removed due to Black Vortex rotating)
5. All New Captain America 5(Dropped)
-Series that were added
1. Uncanny Avengers (Returned)
2. Cyclops 12 (Rotated in for Black Vortex, LAST ISSUE)
3. Captain Marvel 14 (Rotated in for Black Vortex, LAST ISSUE)
4. Gaurdians of the Galaxy and X-Men: The Black Vortex Omega (Rotated in for Black Vortex, LAST ISSUE)


7. Cyclops 12 (Black Vortex 10)
This month has not been that bad but this was the least enjoyable issue of the month. There was no story movement but it was written just fine.

6. Uncanny Avengers 3:
Once again this just felt like a Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch solo book. Most of the team was not even in the book just like last issue. The art once again is unique and fits the book perfectly and the story progression is fine but as a team but I would prefer if the team had more spotlight.

5. Captain Marvel 14 (Black Vortex 11):
Just like in the Cyclops book there was no story progression but I did enjoy the fight between Carol and Mr. Knife. Overall it was enjoyable but I felt the rest of the books had more enjoyable scenes and each moved the stories along in a very good manner.

4. Spider Woman 6
I thought the pacing was really nice and the team up of Ben and Jessica was really well written. I thought all around it was enjoyable.

3. Legendary Starlord 11 ( Black Vortex 12)
The penultimate issue of Black Vortex and the emotional impact is explosive! There were times I thought this event was getting too messy but this issue found a way tie it together and sort it out in a coherent way

2. Gaurdians of the Galaxy and X-Men: The Black Vortex Omega (Black Vortex 13)
The end of the event and it just builds upon the previous issue. My thoughts on how the event itself played out and how it ended does not reflect on the ranking of this issue. Otherwise I felt this issue tied things up very nicely and it was a good ending

1. Antman 4
I thought this issue was a step below the past 2 books from this series but as always the humor is great and this was all around a very good book. Nick Spencer is doing wondrous things here.



Overall this wasn’t the best month but the books were more on an even playing field then they typically are. The only reason “Cyclops”, “Captain Marvel” and “Uncanny Avengers” are in the bottom is due to zero story progression or a confused direction. There were no book this month that was not enjoyable. Black Vortex is officially over just as “Secret Wars” will begin next month. The books for this month are almost identical to the month of February with the return of Uncanny Avengers.

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