A Twisted Civil War: Captain America vs. Iron Man(An SHRA Comparison)

Disclaimer: All images and storylines belong to Marvel Comics.


As of today each article has been focused on an individual basis. This will be the first of a three part series focused on the comic book version of “Civil War”. This series will look at popular events or major themes, detail the important parts and then look at what would happen if things were “Twisted”. In this first article I will be talking about the superhuman registration act. What is it, who supported it and who was against it.

The Superhuman Registration Act (SHRA)

The Superhuman Registration act had been mentioned in earlier comics but did not really become a major story arc until the 2006 event “Civil War”. The act was brought up after a super villain incident in Stamford, CT killed over 600 people and the rally cry of the civilians for the superheroes to be registered. The act would put Shield in charge and they would have a list of every superhero including their real name and address. There were some superheroes who supported this and of course some who opposed the act. This division caused a war between these factions. Iron Man was the main supporter for the “Pro- Registration” while Captain America was the leader of the “Anti-Registration” group.

Pro- Registration (Iron Man)

So, if you are a super hero exactly why would you sacrifice your freedom and allow your lives to be controlled by Shield? By the way I see it there would be three positives to this. First of all there would be more organization and less chances for vigilantes or people trying to take the law into their hands because the superheroes would be the law. Adding onto that with my second point is that it would allow the heroes to gain the trust of the civilians by being able to have their identity exposed(By their own choice. Shield would have all private information about every superhero but the hero can choose to publicly release the info). One final positive would be “Superhero Training Camps”. This would allow every superhero to be properly trained and know how to handle and use their powers effectively in every situation. In my opinion, this is the only good thing about supporting the registration.


Anti- registration (Captain America)

Maria Hill of shield approached Captain America personally and asked him to be the public’s representation of the act. She knew people would follow the man who wore the nation’s flag but in standing up to freedom he rallied against Iron Man and Shield. Leading the anti registration who would prefer having freedom over being in a police state but why? Having structure and control doesn’t seem like a bad idea but there are 2 negatives to the SHRA that are pretty glaring. The first one is that everyone in power has their own agendas. Shield would be no different. They would have the power to choose What super villains attack, where and who saves the days (Also IF anyone saves the day). They could have their very own organized crime system with no heroes able to stop them. In my mind the final drawback would be heroes who want to lay low and go unnoticed. With this they would not have that option.



I may have less negatives then positives but in this case the positives are more haunting then the negatives. Anyway this is just how I feel about the SHRA. In the end Iron Man won because Captain America surrendered but only if the President veto’d the SHRA in which he did. In spite of this “The Initiative” was created which became the Avengers training camp. If you agree or disagree with my thoughts then please let me know as there might be some reasonings that I am missing. The second part to this series will not be published for a while so please feel free to “like” “Comic Conversations” on Facebook

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