Ten Poll 1

Ten Poll 1

Every ten articles that are not “Month’s End” I will conduct a poll to see what style of writing is most preferred to read. Every topic is able to be formatted to any style. After ten articles I will recap all ten and have a poll. You can vote for as many as you want and even articles of the same style are different. Let me explain.

1. Dual Review: Spider Woman and Scarlet Spiders(Spider Verse Event Tie ins)
-This represents the “Topic Review” style but more specifically where I review and compare two books to one topic. Vote for this if you would like to see more comparison topic reviews.

2. Why Do I Read Comics?
– This represents the “How Do I Feel About?” style and the only one purely of this style. This is strictly my opinion of how I feel about a certain topic. Vote for this if you would like to read more about my opinions in an in depth level.

3. Comics to Movies: Infinity Wars
– This represents the “Comics to Movies” catergory and in this case reflects my thoughts on the movies relating to the comics. If you would be interested in reading how I feel something could translate onto the silver screen then feel free to vote for this catergory

4. Original Avengers vs. Original X-men
– This represents the “Top 5/Comparison” catergory but mainly the comparison side. In this article we looked at the very first team for both and compared who would be able to defeat the other if they met at thier inception. If you would like more team-by-team comparisons then please vote for this

5. Kaine: Hero or Monster/ 8. Character Analysis: Hank Pym
Both of these articles were written pretty much the same way and both represent the Character Analysis style. Vote for “Kaine” if you would like to see more articles where I narrow down exactly who someone is based on what they have shown in thier actions and vote for Hank Pym if you would like to see more focusing on informing on who the character is but not digging any further.
(Or vote for both. That is an option as well)

6. Topic review: Death in Comics
– Unlike the first “Topic Review” style this focused on one book and tackled a more general topic. So, vote for this if you would like to read more topic reviews focusing on more general and personable topics.

7. Jared Reviews: Gaurdians of the Galaxy/ 9. Jared Reviews: Avengers Age of Ultron
Both of these are classified as “Jared’s Reviews” but the difference is that one is for newer movies and the other looks back to comic book movies not released in the current year.

10. A Twisted Civil War: Captain America vs. Iron Man(An SHRA Comparison)
– This is a double style blog both a “Comparison” and a “How I Feel About”. At it’s core it is a comparison piece but my personal thought fill out the entire piece where you know 100&=% how I feel about the topic. Vote for this if you would like to see more combined style blogs and not only that but blogs that deal on more of a psychological level.

Just vote on whichever ones you enjoyed reading the most. “Month’s End” was not included becuase it is purely a carbon copy each week just focusing on different issues. Thank you for your participation and don’t forget to read this week’s blog on the front page.

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