Month’s End: May 2015

(Spoilers: There will be minor spoilers for all issues located in the checklist. You have been warned)
By: Christopher Johnson


– Series that have stayed
1. The Legendary Starlord 12 (LAST ISSUE, going on hiatus…I think)
2. Antman 5
3. Spider Woman 7
4. Uncanny Avengers 4
-Series that were removed
1. Cyclops 12 (Black Vortex Ended)
2. Captain Marvel 14 (Black Vortex Ended)
3. Gaurdians of the Galaxy and X-Men: The Black Vortex Omega (Black Vortex Ended)
-Series that were added
1. Planet Hulk
2. Where Monsters Dwell (Miniseries, 5 issues)


6. The Legendary Starlord 12
This issue is not last because it is bad, it is last because it is disappointing. I would expect a book about Starlord to contain Starlord within the book. The entire book is nothing but a conversation between Quill’s sister Victoria and The Collector. Is the book good? Yes but everything this book could have been is keeping it from going up higher.

5. Spider- Woman 7
Man, this has to be the second best issue of Spider- Woman in the series and the best issue since I have been ranking the books. That just really tells you how strong this month has been thus far. We finally see the return of SPY-der Woman and just having Jessica run around like a spy and going undercover is just so fun and I am glad Hopeless finally decided to write her like this again.

4. Where Monsters Dwell 1
This was a very good and a very fun issue. I was very on the fence when I added this to my pull list but from the moment I read it, I did not regret it. This issue has taken the four spot simply because the I felt the top three just did so many things right and this issue was able to set the tone really well but it was in introduction issue and lead the main characters to the place where the rest of the issues will be taking place.

3. Uncanny Avengers 4
It is just so relieving to see all of the team in this book again. We have not seen every team member in the book since issue 1. So just seeing them together was very good and they are finally moving forward on all fronts and small stories. I am finally interested in seeing how this all ties together in the end

2. Planet Hulk 1
This was easily my most anticipated book of the Secret Wars tie ins and as you can see the book was definitely worth it. This book was such a great introduction book. It paved the way really well to bring us into the world that this book has to offer.

1. Antman 5
This issue has been in the top 2 since January but issue is far beyond the rest. If this issue was on the level of 3 then it wouldn’t be number 1. THAT is how strong this month has been and that is how good this issue is. What makes this issue so good is that comedy is what this series has had the strongest of but this issue contained the smallest amount of comedy yet is the strongest issue. The strong point of this issue was the strong family ties and emotional pull.

I can not stress this enough but this month has been the strongest of the year. Spider Woman and Antman are at their normal spots but Uncanny Avengers and Starlord traded places. Next week there will be no Ant Man issue as it is taking a month break and Legendary Starlord is ending and will be replaced with a new Starlord book with the same writer but set in Marvel’s new event. If you liked what you read then feel free to “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook to keep track of new postings and delays. Thank you for reading and please have a good day!

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