Best Choice? Final Wolverine Solo Film Ideas!

(All images and story concepts are from Marvel Comics…not me)

By: Christopher Johnson


Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine for 10 years and I would say he is doing one heck of a good job because as much as I am not a fan of Wolverine, I am not a fan of of Wolverine when he plays him simply because he plays the character so accurately. He recently revealed that the current plan is for him to be in “X-men: Apocalypse” and the third Wolverine solo film.(Because you have to count “X-Men: Origins”…sadly.) So, two questions remain: What will the title of this final solo film be and what will it’s plot be? There are several well known and popular that they have yet to use but I will take a look at two stories written in the past ten years that would make for a good finale and see what conclusion we come to. First we will break down “Old Man Logan” then look at the recent “Death of Wolverine and close it with a third option? Well, we will discuss that one in more detail here in a second (Or however long it takes you to read this, you can skip to the last paragraph if you want…your choice but I do not recommend it),

Old Man Logan

This story was written by Mark Miller and between the two choices it has a better story involving an aged Wolverine walking around a wasteland of what use to be New York. I believe this story would work really well because it has some really strong emotional ties and has a lot of fun with the idea of an alternate universe but this story has one major drawback and that is the characters they choose to use. FOX and Marvel would have to come to an agreement as this story uses only two X-Men characters (Wolverine and Emma Frost) and some of the more interesting concepts used do not have a suitable mutant counterpart to act as a substitute.

Death of Wolverine

This story was written by Charles Soule and between the two choices I believe it would be better based on all of it’s characters are mutants thus FOX could easily use the characters without having to share rights. The biggest reason I do not think this would be good would be the story. Now the story is fantastic but I do not think it would translate well onto the big screen as the book seemed more like a love letter to fans then anything else. It is conprised of four issues and each issue stars iconic Wolverine villains and famous locations in Wolverine’s history. With that said I just do not see it having the same effect unless you had time to set up all the villains and locations to make it have the same kind of impact but I do not see that happening. So, I have presented these two options…so what would I suggest be the third option?

A Combined Movie

I do not mean use the “Old Man Logan” story with “The Death of Wolverine” characters but literally combine everything. In the latter story Logan was injected with a virus that caused him to lose him healing factor and in Old Man Logan it is never really explained how he became old. One thing you could do is use the virus to explain how he gets old/has a weakened healing factor. It could still be in the future as Old Man Logan is but as with “Death of Wolverine” ends he could die a heoric death.
From Old Man Logan I would hope they retain the part where something very tragic happens and Wolverine makes a promise to himself to never to use claws again and lives a life of peace then towards the end he realizes he needs to unleash the beast within…one last time. I thought this was a very interesting concept because peace is not something Wolverine is known for so that would be a nice touch. From Death of Wolverine, I’d like to see either Dr. Cornelius or maybe an off spring of his try to perfect the experiment that created Wolverine. It was a very powerful moment just seeing how adament Logan was to stop an army of himself from being created. I believe adding both of those moments into the movie would make sense and could make for a very interesting movie that is very emotional and could be a great farewelll for the Wolverine finale.


This is of course just what I would like to see and I am sure there is something someone will agree or disagree with and I would love to hear where you think I was right or wrong with what I think is best.In my honest opinion, by cobining both stories you can root out the problems with both and add onto the positives. If you limit yourself to just one story then you put yourself in a rutt that might limit you in some dramatic way. As always if you thought this was interesting and you would like more blogs like this then please let me know and also “like” us on Facebook at “Comic Conversations”. Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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