A Review in Question Poll

Last week was the release of my first “Review in Question” where I reviewed Gotham. This poll will decide the topic of the second “Review in Questions”.

1-3: Comics: The first three choices are all comic book related. Avengers Academy is a 34 issue aeries by Christos Gage, the book focuses on a school of sorts led by Hank Pym as he tries to prevent the most likely kids to become evil and try to lead them to becoming heroes. Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye is a series about Hawkeye living life when he is not an avenger and finally Black Vortex is a recent event by a number of different writers and it centers on the Gaurdians of the Galaxy and the X-Men.

4-7: Movies: Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Iron Man are all very different takes on the origin story idea.Needless to say my opinion on all the movies are completely different but I have a lot to say about all of these movies.

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