Month’s End: June 2015

(DISCLAIMER: For all books listed in the checklist section. All panels and concepts are not owned by me, butt Marvel Studios)


– Series that have stayed
1. Planet Hulk 2
2. Where Monsters Dwell 2
3. Spider Woman 8

-Series that were removed
1. Antman (Returns in July)
2. The Legendary Starl;ord
3. Uncanny Avengers
-Series that were added
1. Runaways
2. Squadron Sinister





5. Spider Woman 8

-One word to describe this book: Typical.

Almost every book in this series has had the exact same…issue per se. Each issue is very lackluster and nothing exciting happens and this book is no different by any standards. Unfortunately, I have decided to cancel this book. Most of these have been very mediocre and not very exciting. This book is worst book of the month just all the other books were more exciting even if just slightly.

4. Squadron Sinister 1

One word to describe this book: Potential

Squadron Sinister is basically an inverted Justice League with each member representing a different leaguer and Marc Guggenheim does an excellent job at portraying this aspect of them but besides that nothing too incredibly exciting happens in the story but it has high potential to be very good.

3. Where Monsters Dwell 2

One word to describe this book: Blood

This book so far really isn’t my typical style as there is plenty of gore. One example (SPOILERS!!) Is towards the end a giant alligator fights a giant shark and the main character is seen swimming in an ocean of blood (directly after the panel in the banner/END SPOILERS!!!!)

Despite that the story itself is still holding itself together quite nicely. The adventure aspect to the book is strong and it’s exciting to read.

2. Runaways 1

One word to describe this book: Fun

Though no one has yet to “runaway”, this book forms the team in one of my favorite ways. (SPOILERS!!!!) I typically am not a fan of heroes banding together to stop an overwhelming threat. I always enjoy heroes who accidentally end up joining together or are forced together (End) and that is our this team forms. Overall this book is written well and I’m excited to see where issue 2 goes.

1. Planet Hulk 1

One word to describe this book: Incredible

Haha… get it? Planet Hulk is…INCREDIBLE? ?? HAHAHA

but bad jokes aside this book once again just delivers on all cylinders. This version of Hulk is clearly intelligent but…different enough that it is interesting to learn more about him and this Steve Rogers from some forgotten timeline has a really interesting past that also makes you wanna know more. Plus who doesn’t love a gladiator steve rogers? This is a great read and I am excited for issue 3.


So, with that the month of June has concluded. This month will be the last month of Spider Woman and Ant Man returns from his one month hiatus. I would say my general thoughts on this month is how heavy the bottom of the rankings are this month. The last three were so close that they could have easily been switched around but I believe they each belong where they are. For the next couple months I plan on adding a new feature to that month’s review. This month it was “one word to describe this book” and in July it will be something different. If you have an idea for a way to spice up Month’s end each month then feel free to let me know either by here, facebook or smoke signals. If you enjoyed this and wanna read more then feel free to. “Like” comic conversions on Facebook!!

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One Response to Month’s End: June 2015

  1. Chris says:

    The Runaways looks exciting! I read up on it today


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