Top 5: Black Panther (Movie) Villains

(DISCLAIMER: This article contains spoilers for Black Panther stories. All images and story concepts are owned by MArvel Comics/Studios)


Recently an actor was cast to play the villain in the doctor strange movie. Upon hearing this I began to think ahead to the Black Panther movie and what villain might be used in that film. Now if you saw “Avengers: Age of Ultron” then one of the names might look familiar. I will admit that I do not know a lot about Black Panther and only knew 3 villains and had to research the last two. Below is my top 5 villains for the movie based on story potential.

The Rankings

5. American Panther

American Panther fought Black Panther when T’challa took over as “The Man Without Fear” AKA the protector of Hell’s Kitchen. I could see this playing out the same way. Black Panther stays in New York to help protect the city then some irritated New Yorker dresses up as the American Panther as a way to protest an African king as an American superhero. I do not see this working out for a number of reasons but with the biggest one being that the Black Panther movie needs to take place primarily in Wakanda(the fictional African nation where he rules). I will add that I do not like this villain at all but he would be a good choice if Marvel wanted a villain not set in Wakanda.

4. Erik Killmonger

I do believe Erik Killmonger will appear in “Black Panther” but I do not believe he will be the main villain in the first film. Maybe in the second of third film. In the comics Erik’s real name is N’Jadaka and he was a native to Wakanda. When Ulysses Klaw attacked he convinced N’Jadaka’s father help him but when Klaw was defeated and N’Jadaka’s father was killed, N’Jadaka and his family was exiled. N’Jadaka ended up in New York where he changed his name to Erik Killmonger. Eventually Erik was brought back to Wakanda by command of T’challa. Then while T’challa was working with the avengers, Erik attempted a coup d’etat with Baron Macabre but in this Erik was killed. I think Erik would work really well in a sequel because he felt Wakanda lost its way and had fallen into “White colonialist” influences and wanted to bring it back to the ancient ways. Erik’s story is more then him wanting to revenge his father’s death. I just don’t think his story is good for the first movie because you need to introduce his father’s death first and build from that.

3. Princess Zanda

Just like T’challa she is the leader of a fictional African nation. In the comics she and her associates (Abner Little and Andreas Zorba) are known as the collectors and it is really interesting because they kidnap Black Panther and force him to help them collect a very important items but then Andreas is mutated into the villain “Carnivore” forcing the three to work together to take him down. I just do not see the writers using Zanda until a fourth movie. I think Eric may be more likely for a future movie but Zanda would be more likely for the first movie than Eric. Now for the two most likely candidates.

2. M’Baku the Man-Ape

M’Baku the Man-Ape was the second best Wakandian Warrior aside from T’Challa. He is from the white gorilla cult in Wakanda but they were outlawed by the Black Panther when M’Baku tried to usurp the throne one time when T’Challa was with the avengers. I think in the Black Panther movie, M’Baku will play a role similar to N Jadaka and will be introduced but not play a villainous role until a future movie. Even though the theme of the movie would be similar to Erik Killmonger’s plot, I think Man-Ape could handle it better because you could include him becoming king of Wakanda while Black Panther was gone. Having T’challa’s people turn on him could really be interesting to see and a changed dynamic from the first movie…(Even though the first movie has yet to be released)]

1. Ulysses Klaw

Played by Andy Serkis in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. I believe Klaw has the highest potential to be the main villain, with either Mm’baku and/or Erik Killmonger being introduced in some form. In the comics Klaw is human but after trying to steal vibranium becomes a monster made out of sound. I believe that will happen early-midway in the film due to the nature of the characters Serkis typically plays.



I believe Black Panther has potential to become a fan favorite character due to how honorable he is. I also believe any of these villains (even the American Panther) can become break out villains that people will enjoy watching on screen. Also the interesting factor in villains such as American Panther and Erik is that they bring a more philosophical aspect to the plot such as racism and preserving history. Thank you for reading and if you would like to be updated when new articles are posted then feel free to “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook.

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