A Twisted Civil War 2: Whose to Blame?

(This article will feature spoilers from the Civil War comicbook event and possibly spoil scenes from the movie being released in 2016. All images and story concepts do not belong to me, but Marvel Comics)


A couple months ago I wrote an article focusing on Marvel’s Civil War (comic) in the new twisted series. Last time we looked at the SHRA and pros and cons in supporting it. This time we will look at what caused the Civil War and the 5 possible culprits who started the entire thing.


The Suspects:

5. Nitro (Bottom Left)

These first two are very simple, with the first one being the simplest. In an act to flex their ego on a reality television show, the New Warriors tried to take down a super powered Nitro. Nitro has the ability to explode and then regenerate to explode again but this time his explosion was juiced up to be insanely stronger than normal. This explosion killed over 600 people and started the public outcry for the registration but from how I see it, Nitro did not start the Civil War himself. All he did was blow up. He did not set in motion for the war itself.

4. New Warriors/ Speedball (Center)

The “New Warriors” are a team of teenagers with each member representing something different. They have (metaphorically speaking) won the “People’s Choice Award” for starting the Civil War. They were simply filming their own reality show and decided to fight a group of villains that they had no business fighting. In doing this Namorita punched a bus and it slammed into Nitro then he exploded. In comics they are still blamed for it but Speedball gets most of the blame only because he was the only member of the new warriors who did not die. Speedball survived because his powers are based on kinetic energy and the explosion simply launched him several miles away. So he is given most of the blame simply because he survived and (they thought) everyone else was dead. Another reason you could say it was their fault is because their actions cost the lives of 600 fictional civilians and if they were registered/trained then this would not happen.

My argument is that the ill thought action of a group of teenagers should not make every responsible hero lose their freedom. Overall, I do not blame them. With all the property damage caused by superheroes rally cries of this nature were bound to happen sooner or later. Therefore (to me) they did not cause the Civil War.

3. Wolverine (Top Right)

This “claim” of mine centered on Wolverine causing Civil War is one I have yet to see anyone else bring up no matter how much I research it and that most likely because there are more logical suspects to this crime , but with that said I will still present my case for Wolverine. In the event Wolverine found Nitro after he had retreated into the woods. He then gave Nitro over to Namor for punishment in the killing of fellow Atlantian. I feel that if Wolverine had given Nitro over to shield then that would have delayed the war. I do not put the blame on Wolverine because the registration was inevitable and would have happened regardless thus the war was inevitable.

2. Maria Hill/Shield (Top Left)

The last two just happen to be the most likely with one of them being the one I cast blame on. As acting director of shield, Maria Hill spearheaded the registration act due to public outcry. Even though Shield had a lot to do with the SHRA, I do not hold Maria Hill or even Shield responsible. They were only reacting to public outrage but did not wage war against anyone per se.

1. Captain America (Bottom Left)

In my opinion, Captain America started Civil War by standing up for freedom and standing against Shield. It all started in the Helicarrier where we learn street level heroes such as Daredevil and Luke Cage were opposed to the act. Maria Hill then asks Captain to lead the force against the rebels then Captain America fights Shield and jumps out of Helicarrier. This started the Civil War because it gave the rebels a leader, someone they could rally behind. THAT started Civil War.



In conclusion, I believe the war itself did not begin until Captain America rebeled against Shield. Now with that said, I am not saying he was in the wrong but I do not think Civil War would have happened if it wasn’t for Steve Rogers. I hope you have enjoyed the second of three articles in the “Twisted: Civil War” series. The final article promises to “twist” things up but it will not be ready for a while. So, feel free to “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the blog postings as they happen!

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