This will be short and sweet. I am currently working on a new article but the date that will be posted is unknown. With that said I have a new job and due to certain circumstances I have less time to write. Once I get settled into this new routine I will try to have 2-3 articles a month but most likely just 2 a month. With that said I want these articles to be the absolute best quality whereas before I was able to include 3-4 a month and have “Month’s End” as a nice little side article but unfortunately I need to cut it for now that way all my articles on here can be the most interesting that they can be.

Another thing I would like to add that now Month’s End is gone, it will be replaced with a short blog post like this talking about certain comic book news. This could include anything from comic book solicitations, CBM casting news, New movie discussions, TV show discussions and stuff of that nature. I do not know when I will start these as I will only write up a news update when I feel the news is something I want to discuss. I MAY end up writing a RANT on the Deadpool trailer but that will most likely be an article of it’s own

Finally, I just want to talk about certain article plans I have. I like to buy older comics and I refer it as my “Backlog Pile” and at some point I would like to review some of them in a new series called “Backlog Reviews”; some of these titles I am considering for the first article “Hawkeye” by Matt Fraction, “Avengers Academy” by Christos Gage and “Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters” by Mike Greil. Other series that am planning on writing in the future or I am currently writing now are; “Comic Discussions: Print vs. Digital”, “Comics to Movies: Hawkeye”, “Explore Heroes: Beak”. “Explore Heroes” is a new series where I take unknown characters that have a very interesting history but no one really knows about them. Beak really is an interesting X-Man and I just felt like putting him in the spotlight for a little while. One more article I would like to discuss is “My Favorite/Least favorite Villains in the Marvel Universe” These will be two different articles but they are two topics I feel are interesting enough to discuss and something I have a lot to say about.

As previously stated there really is nothing else I currently have to say. I just thought I would introduce the “News” discussions by talking about changes to this site. I hope you have a good day and a new article will arrive as soon as I can finish writing it.

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  1. Cody Libolt says:

    I’d love to read your review of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye!


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