Meet Baron Zemo: Marvel’s Best Comic Villain


By: Christopher Johnson


Love ’em or hate ’em villains are an integral piece to any franchise. People love to someone to blame, someone to root against or maybe one compelling enough (or threatening enough) to root for…

Now the Marvel Universe has plenty of villains to love and hate and in two articles I will present my favorite and my least favorite villain. Today, we will begin with my favorite Marvel comics villain. I will explain why Baron Zemo is my favorite villain then I will share my thoughts on how to make him the best MCU villain..

Baron Zemo in the Comics

There are many aspects to making a great villain but one aspect any villain should have is intimidation. This is a quality the Baron posses unlike many others. First off, he is the leader of not only the masters of evil but the entire country of Bagalia. Bagalia is a fictional country made entirely of super villains and it is very impressive that Zemo is intimidating enough to not only control a whole country of supervillains but he is intimidating enough to where they are too scared to do anything but when someone has tried to betray zemo, he is already prepared. That is due to the fact that Zemo is a masterful tactician and is always several steps ahead of everyone else. Aside from that, Zemo is a master at the art of deception, being able to hide his true plan to where no one questions his motives. These two qualities add to his intimidating factor because he is always one step ahead and never misses a beat. This makes trying to out maneuver him almost impossible. The final proof of intimidation is his sheer lack of consideration. What I mean is, is this guy has no good in his bones at all. Some proof of this can be found in the books Avengers Undercover and All New Captain America. If the first books he lures these kids into Bagalia and uses them to lead Shield into his underground city and steals a helicarrier. The second example is where the blood of a kid named Lucas is contaminated with a virus and Zemo is willing to kill him so the virus could spread through the air. Both of these examples are despicable and can only be done by someone with pure hatred in their heart and that within itself leads to a very intimidating villain. Now, one question remains. Will Zemo translate well into the MCU?

Baron Zemo in the MCU
It is a known fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t have a great history of villains ,but what does that mean for Zemo? We know that Daniel Bruhl was recently casted as Baron Zemo and will appear in Captain America: Civil War. I have one hope and one fear regarding Zemo in the MCU. Earlier, I mentioned how the mere presence of Zemo is (in most instances) bone-chilling and my biggest hope is that the actor will be able to deliver a performance unlike any other. This is very difficult though because that is something that is easier portrayed in the comics than the movies. Now, my biggest fear is that Zemo is become the typical MCU villain where they are just an evil version of the hero such as the Iron Monger and Yellow Jacket. I am afraid he will be portrayed as a Captain America wanna be. To avoid this, they need to not add the ” X Serum” into this origin. In the comics the “X-Serum” allows Zemo to live for quite a long time and still remain strong. Rather, I want this to be a legacy thing. Maybe off screen Cap defeated Heinrich Zemo and now his son Helmut Von Zemo wants to carry his father’s torch. Another way they could separate the two is allow Zemo to find or use the moonstones. They are just little gems that allow him to fire off projectiles, fly, and among other things. This would be a great way to stay true to the comics while not making Zemo a Cap clone. With that being said, I personally am excited to see the best comic villain make his way onto the big screen and hope he will be the best villain in the MCU.


In conclusion, Zemo is Marvel’s best villain for all the ways he raises the intimidation bar. Whether it is his abilities, his methods or even just his presence. Baron Zemo has recently appeared in the 2014 title “Avengers Undercover” and the 2015 book “All New Captain America”. In the latter book, Zemo gave one of the most bone chilling speeches I have ever read in a comic book.  Over the next few months even upon entering 2016, I will be discussing “Marvel’s Cinematic Villain Problem”, “Top 10: Villains I want in the MCU” and “Who is the Worst Marvel Comics Villain?”. Please feel free to “like” comic conversations on Facebook to know when new articles arrive.

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