A “Twisted” Civil War 3: Alterations

(DISCLAIMER: All images and story concepts belong to Marvel Comics)

By: Christopher Johnson


Recap: In the first edition of “Twisted Civil War” we looked at the superhuman registration act. Basically, what it was and who supported /opposed it and in the second edition we looked the top 5 reasons the civil war happened in the Marvel Universe.

In this final edition of “A Twisted Civil War”, we will look at three key elements in the story and I will present my opinions on how the story would be different if things were….twisted. First we will explore “What if Captain America and Iron Man were on the same side?”, followed by “What if the New Warriors hadn’t blown up Stanford?” and finally “What if Marvel had owned the film rights to the X-Men?”. So, without further let’s twist it up!

1. What if Iron Man and Captain America were on the same side?

I will address both sides.

Pro-Registration: If Captain America had not rebelled from S.H.I.E.L.D then there would have been no one to stand against Iron Man and S.H.E.I.L.D thus the superhuman registration act would have worked with little backlash. Sure there still might have been a rebellious group but they would not have had the same success as they had with cap.

Anti-Registration: This would have made it Superheroes vs. S.H.E.I.L.D and the superheroes would have been viewed in an almost evil light. I believe this because S.H.E.I.L.D is a government organization and in the original comic, the crowds were mostly in protest against the heroes until Iron Man showed his support for the act. If there were no superheroes in favor of the act, I see no reason for heroes not to be viewed in a negative light. Otherwise, I believe the heroes would not want to fight S.H.E.I.L.D but would after some heroes were killed in battle.

2. What if New Warriors hadn’t attacked Nitro

If the New Warriors realized they were out of their league and refrained from fighting Nitro then nothing would have changed. Well, by that I still think the SHRA would have happened but something else would have caused it to happen and not Speedball. This is what I liked about the SHRA, is that it had been mentioned in the past but the Stanford incident was the catalyst that allowed to enter in full effect. Now we have discussed an alteration from two past articles but there is one more major part of Civil War that most of you are very familiar with

. What if…Marvel had no sold the rights of the X-Men.

Now the realistic side of this is that Marvel would have went bankrupt if they hadn’t sold the rights, but that is boring. Lets imagine they didn’t almost go bankrupt and had kept the rights. In my opinion, Civil War pushed a B-List hero(Iron Man) into the spotlight and turned him into a A-lister. This happened because Marvel did not own the movie rights to that many of their biggest heroes so they needed to catapult someone into the spotlight and obviously Iron Man was the right choice. Now, if the rights were never sold, I think Cyclops would have taken his place and it would have been Cyclops vs. Captain America with some mutants siding with Cap and some avengers siding with Cyclops. The story would have stayed he same with Cyclops agreeing to a mutant registration but says “if we register, all heroes must register”. I know it seems out of character for him to do that but in my mind he is tired of fighting and feels this is the best way to maintain peace then Cap does what he does in Civil War. I feel this might not have been as good as the original Civil War but it would have been better than the 2012 event “Avengers vs. X-Men”.


Overall, Civil War is an amazing series and I do not wish any of it to be changed. These are just some thoughts about how things could have been altered. Having Shield vs. All heroes would have been boring, having Speedball in the spotlight was great because it gave us an amazing tie in to the Fear Itself Event called “Fear Itself:The front lines”, and I’m not a big X-Man fan so I’m glad they aren’t In the event. This is the last post for “A Twisted Civil War.” Once I decide the next thing I wanna twist, I will post it in 2016. Make sure you “like” comic conversations on Facebook or follow @CJohnson0545 on twitter to know when it arrives!

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