Top 5: Beards in Comic Books

By: Christopher Johnson



Typically, none of the articles I have written can be classified as “fun”.  Either they were written to share my opinion on something or were simply written for informative reasons. As I am sure you know, the popular trend “No Shave November” exists to show awareness to “Men’s health issues”. The purpose of this article is to have a little fun with “No Shave November” while highlighting the purpose of the occasion. So, with no further ado, let’s discuss beards with who I think has the fifth best beard.

5. Maestro:

Maestro is an alternate version of Hulk who is an evil mastermind but the biggest physical difference is his beard.

Though the beard is mighty. It doesn’t really match the Hulk, so it looks odd. I mean this is not the image that comes to mind when I think of Hulk therefore this beard is given last place.

4. Aquaman

From 1994-2003 DC tried to make Aquaman hip by giving him a hook, long hair and a beard. This was an interesting idea but it was later redone as Aquaman shaved off his hair in 2003. This beard has a higher spot then Maestro because it was the main Aquaman but it is low because it only lasted 9 years and isn’t the most iconic look for the character.

3. Hercules (Marvel Comics)

Sure this beard is smaller than the last two but that is because the beard is not only the best and most known look for the character but it really adds to the character and fits his build and personality. The reason it is so low is because the other two do all the things Hercule’s does but better. Even though number 2 is…questionable.

2. Green Arrow:

Okay…okay…this is a hosted and technically not a beard but let’s be honest. Oliver’s goatee is iconic as the bat signal and really fits into the whole Robin Hood scheme. The goatee is so iconic that I constantly wonder why the new comics and Arrow don’t have the goatee on Oliver. Oh well, on to the final beard.

1. Gravitron:

He may be fairly unknown but that falls in his favor very well. This means there have only been two versions of him and both state he was hidden away in a stasis chamber for ten + years. The original version (the comic version) has a nice looking beard but I want to highlight the more known version. The Earth Mightiest Heroes version. This is the version used in the TV show and that beard is MASSIVE. IT definitely fits him and it just looks pure evil. No doubt my number one pick.


Gravitron wins. Now, I know Oliver should be last because his beard isn’t a beard but eh. Its still facial hair but outmatched the other three in all three areas. Please let me know if you liked this more laid back article. If you did then please “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook! Have a blessed day and thank you for reading this.

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2 Responses to Top 5: Beards in Comic Books

  1. Glenn says:

    You forgot Thor. It actually is a beard! It isn’t a goatie?


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