2015 in Review – Part 1: Top 10 Issues(2015)

Disclaimer: There will be mild spoilers for each issue. Also each issue and all covers belong to Marvel Comics.

By: Christopher Johnson




Welcome to part 1 of my 2015 review. In this review, we will look at my top 10 issues of 2015. Some of these issues were from really bad series or series with only 2 books in 2015. These issues were picked based on the ten books enjoyed the most from the first time reading and in future rereadings. What caused me to enjoy these issues can be a variety of things.

1A.. A perfect mix of humor and intensity
1B. Books that lean in either direction has to display that perfectly
2. The books display the character near perfectly and is very enjoyable
3. Overall, the book has to influence the plot and not feel like that issue drags the plot.

With no further add, let’s begin.


10. Spider Woman 7

Now, this could be a surprising pick but hear me out. The Spider Woman book was horribly bland and was the first series I dropped but that doesn’t mean there were not a couple of gems hidden deep within.

Issues 2 and 7 were just that, issue 2 was released in 2014 while 7 was released in 2015. These books were so good simply because they emphasize on the spy nature of SPYder- Woman(hue hue hue).

I was debating if issue 7 really can be the tenth best issue despite the other books and ultimately this book is the tenth book because of how fun it was and none of the flaws from the series were from this book.



9. Daredevil 2

As the most recent book on this list…it certainly deserves this spot. The writer immediately twists the story but in a way that compliments the story in a fun way.

This book is lower on the list for expectation reasons. The story is just starting and somethings in this book could turn out to be bad decisions but the issue itself is very good.



8. Civil War 4

As stated most of these books were chosen because they were clear stand outs but in the case of this issue sometimes all issues were so good that none stood out so you simply pick the best one. Trying to decide the shiniest diamond in a diamond store can be difficult but this issue had a glimmer of “shock and awe” that couldn’t be denied.



7. Legendary Starlord 8

This series suffered from the “Black Vortex”. BV was a small event where each chapter was in a different book. Legendary Starlord 8 was the last issue of the series before Black Vortex took over and it was a great issue that did a great job of humanizing Quill and really built the relationship between Kitty and Quill to an interesting level. Of the three “pure” issues from Legendary Starlord this year, this was easily the best. Black Vortex had a couple good issues but none were really standouts.



6. Runaways 2

This issue stood out in this 5 part series because this was the issue where the students began to run away and the writer did a great job at displaying the tension. This issue is not in the top 5 because it was more predictable given the title of the book.



5. All New Captain America 2

Man, this book is here for the amazing speech by Baron Zemo. It is a very chilling and really hones in what makes him out to be such a terrifying villain.

The book itself is really very interesting. With plots twists and a bare knuckle brawl with Crossbones, this was a very serious and emotionally strong book. I prefer books that are a nice mix of light-hearted and heavy toned. That is why this book is at the edge often top 5.



4. Hawkeye 22

The epic conclusion to Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye. This wasn’t the best of the series but it was it best of the series that was released in 2015. The book ended the way any great book should. It was dramatic, was written fantastically and most wonderful of all, it did all that with very few words. This is where the simplistic art works great as it was used to tell the story.


Antman 5

3. Antman 5

Remember what I said about light heartedness? Well, this book has none of that but yet it is in my top 3? This book is driven on emotion and everything in the book converges in one very emotion filled ride in blood streams and abandonment.



2. Captain America:Sam Wilson 3

This book has it all! Cheesy dialogue, animal transformation, plot, symbiotes, clichés and so much more. It is such a fun read but it doesn’t stray from the plot. This is the type of writing Nick Spencer excels at and it is clear he has a tight grip on humorous writing.



1. Antman 3

From the moment I saw a giant ant fist fighting a giant paperclip sword, I knew this was an amazing issue. Once again the humor was on point and the fight with Taskmaster was so interesting. Plus, this introduces the “Hench” app which is UBER for superheroes and is a main focus of the second arc. I feel like this was the best issue of 2015 for its humor, action scenes, the interaction of Scott and Cassie and finally the foretelling of a future major plot point teased so early on.


In conclusion, I feel these are the best issues of 2015 THAT I HAVE READ. You can view part 2 here. There will be a 2016 expectation article soon. Be sure to “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @CJohnson0545 on twitter to know when a new article is posted!

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