2015 in Review – Part 2: Top 5 Series (2015)

Disclaimer: There will be mild spoilers for all series. Any major spoilers will have a warning. All these books were published by Marvel Comics

By: Christopher Johnson



Welcome to part 2 of the 2015 review where we look at the top 5 series of 2015. This is where I judge all books related to a character. Some series are lumped into one and why will be explained in that books description. The two main factors are the enjoyment of that series as a whole and the consistency of the series as a whole. I am only including series that have at least 5 books in the series or 4 if I feel the series is strong enough. Even though “Daredevil” by Charles Soules is really good, I feel 2 books is not enough to properly judge the series as a whole. Let’s begin with the fifth best series.

5. Secret Wars: The Runaways (4 Issues)

I did not know what to expect in this book but it was more enjoyable than I had expected. The biggest problem I had with Secret War tie ins was that some(like “Planet Hulk”) had an interesting premise but the delivery was just plum boring. This book was not. Each issue had its own flair and some twists that made it fun. This was one series I wished had been continued after secret wars where each character went from the alternate dimension and into the main Marvel Universe. They did this with Old Man Logan so they should have done that with this group. This is so low because no matter how fun it was the first couple issues turn out as expected due to the title of the book.


4. Extraordinary X -Men (4 Issues)
As someone who knows next to nothing about the X-Men, this is a really interesting book. I bought this book because I was intrigued in the X-Men vs. Inhuman scuffle and it turns out it is very thus far.
Mr. Sinister experimented on various mutants and tried to combine them with inhuman DNA. The only X-Man who did not die from the experiments was Scott Summers. I know it is looking like Sinister is the main villain of the book but I think the team will work with Sinister because he is trying to save the mutants from dying from the mists. If Sinister does work with the team, that would be very interesting to see all mutants working together toward one goal.
*Speculation Over*

Overall, this book has been really good and is up this high just for having such a strong story and great characterization.


3. All New Captain America/Captain America: Sam Wilson(10 Issues)
This is two series written by two different writers. The first series was written by Rick Remender. It has a strong story and is very intense. One reason I really like it is how it makes you wonder if Sam Wilson really deserves to be Captain America and of course by the end of the book he does earn that title.
The second series is written by Nick Spencer. Personally, I am not as sold on the series as a whole but individually each issue is tremendous. The first arc isn’t over so I will reserve my judgement for the end. I mean they have made it clear that the Serpent Society is the main villain but the first two issues also had a lot of focus on shield and the first issue made it seem this was a very political book but neither of those were discussed in the recent issues. This book is as high as it is mainly for the first series.


2. Antman/Ant Man: Last Days/ Astonishing Antman (10 Issues)
All ten issues have been written by Nick Spencer. The first 5 is the first arc. It is very emotional, very humourous and very great. I highly recommend anyone to read this.
The next two (Antman Annual and Antman: Last Days”) are both one shot stories. One is a memory he had with Hank Pym and I felt the characterization of Hank Pym was good ,but a little off and the other book was a fun story but it is strange to see Scott not join the fight against the incursions and instead dance with retired superheroes. I mean it was funny but it felt strange.
The final series is currently ongoing. Each issue has been good bui the exact story was unclear until the most recent issue. This issue is this low just for the story in the second half just isn’t that strong and I felt number one should have a strong and consistent story.

1. Secret Wars: The Civil War(5 issues)

So, how can a 5 issue series be considered better than two series with 10 issues? Consistency. There both have a very solid first arc followed by a second arc that is slowly becoming a better but neither are as good as the first arc then you have a single 5 issue run that is spectacular.

This series is based on an alternate universe where Civil War never ended. General Steve Rogers and President Tony Stark each rule half of the United States. This series has tension that builds and each issues leaves you wonder why the war never ended and how the war ends. This is one of the few Secret Wars series I have read where the ending makes sense and doesn’t seem to leave the reader short changed. The other of course was “Runaways”.

These were easily the series I enjoyed the most in 2015. I can say with confidence that a sixth best would be hard to come by. OVerall, this year was not a bad year but I have mixed feeling about a lot of series. I think the only bad series in total was Spider- Woman but rest assured, we will be discussing that in more depth in the comic months. If you would like to know when that article or other articles will be posted please follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter or “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook!

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