My 2016 Expectations in Comic Books and Movies


By: Christopher Johnson


1. Best of 2016:

Right now this is my prediction for all the books and am currently buying and plan to buy in 2016.
1. Daredevil by Charles Soules
2. Extraordinary X-men by Jeff Lemire
3. Captain America:Sam Wilson by Nick Spencer
4. Astonishing Ant-man by Nick Spencer
5.Spider-Man/Deadpool by Joe Kelly
6.New Avengers by Al Ewing
7. Illuminati by John Williamson

The first four is the easiest to predict because they are easily the best four series I am currently reading. The fifth book is a major toss-up for me. I have a really good feeling about the SpiderMan and Deadpool team up but I am not a Deadpool fan so there is a chance I will not like it or may not even buy it. If I buy it, I have high hopes for it. New Avengers seems like it will be the sixth best series but it could slip into the top 5. Now this is extremely premature as I do not know what Marvel is cooking up for the later half of the year and that could easily change my list.

2. First Series to Drop

– None/Illuminati
Right now, I plan on dropping 0 books but I said that at the end of 2015 and dropping Spider-Woman six months later. I would say if I stopped any series, it would be Illuminati. It is enjoyable but I could see it becoming stale just like Spider-Woman did.

3. Best book I am not buying

– The Ultimates
This is a book written by Al Ewing and I am hearing great things that I am sure will continue in 2016. I choose to not buy this to keep a smaller pull list going into 2016. Maybe I will be missing out, maybe not. From the books we know are released, this seems to be the best that I am not buying.

4. Books I backlog in 2016

– My “guess” the only books I will backlog in 2016 will be Venom by Rick Remender and Star Wars by Jason Aaron. For whatever reasonm I started buying Venom in backlog a while ago and I seem to buy the next trade at least once a year. So, I will most likely follow that trend. Another trend I may keep up is buying a series that was very much enjoyed the previous year as long as I like the artist and writer. Last year I decided upon Superior Foes of SPider-Man and I think in 2016 it will be Star Wars by Jason Aaron. I originally wanted to add that to my pull list but thought Marvel only was publishing it to hop onto the hype train and it wouldn’t be very good and I am learning how wrong I truly was.


5. New Ongoings in 2016?

– X-Force and Young Avengers
I feel these may be safe picks but I believe X-Force and Young Avengers will be given new books in 2016. I know several members of the new avengers are in various books but I still feel a new ongoing featuring Miss America Chavez, Kate Bishop, some lesser used teen characters and even some brand new characters would be a good new book. Young Avengers normally sale well and those two female characters seem pretty popular.With an X-Force movie in the works, I just think a new on-going featuring them is coming. You can say all you want that Marvel is abandoning Mutants in comics but I disagree. Extraordinary X-Men is a great series and I am excited to see where MArvel takes the X-Men from here.




1. Best CBM of 2016?

– Doctor Strange and X-Men: Apocalypse
From all I am seeing, I think Doctor Strange will be the best Marvel studio movie of 2016. I may be a captain America fan but there are a lot of expectations riding on Captain America 3 and Doctor strange has a lot less of that. Therefore it will be easier to enjoy. I really DO NOT want the X-Men rights to revert back to Marvel. I feel FOX is finally learning how to handle the X-Men and I believe the next main X-Men movie(and Deadpool to a degree) will show that the X-Men belong at FOX. Mark my words, Apocalypse will be the underdog of 2016 and it will prevail.

2. Best CBM Actor/Actress of 2016

– Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Turner
Again with what I said earlier. I think Benedict Cumberbatch will KILL it as strange and I think Sophie will really impress as Jean Grey. Benedict is an excellent actor and I think he has the chops to be an excellent Strange. I do not know Sophie very well ,but I think she is capable of being a good Jean Grey simply based on the trailer. I might be wrong and maybe one of the other female leads will stand out more than her but we shall see.


3. Worst CBM of 2016

– Deadpool
I have no desire to see this movie. I have so many complaints about it’s existence it isn’t even funny. Now, the thing is, is that I said that deadpool will show the X-Men belong at FOX. That still holds true. Even though I will not see it, I think it will be very accurate to the character and will show proper representation of the character. That being said I am sure people will enjoy it, I just refuse to watch it.


4. Best CBM of 2016 that I Will Not See

– Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
I will not see this movie simply because I am not a big DC COmics fan and I am oppose to the idea behind this movie. I feel it has became less about Batman vs. Superman and more about poor planning and shoe horning the Justice League into one movie. I feel certain characters will feel out of place and I just do not want to support that ideal ,but I am sure it will sell gabillions and given the best ratings of lifetime. Just not my type of movie.


5.. Best CBM of 2015?

I have yet to talk about CBMs of 2015(someone else reviews those movies) ,but Ant-Man was my favorite movie of 2015. It had everything I expected and even more! I have high hopes for the sequel and I believe it wtth further those expectations.


This concludes the trilogy of my thoughts about 2015 and my expectations/hopes for 2016 you can find the first two articles here and here!

Articles will return to form on January 8th. You can preview the article by visiting the “Blog Banner” section here.If would like to know when it is posted be sure to “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter. PLease have a Happy New Year and please be safe.



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