Individualization feat. Daredevil 1

Disclaimer: This is my review of Daredevil 1 by Charles Soules. There will be spoilers. All rights to the characters and stories belong to Marvel Comics.

By: Christopher Johnson


“So I think about everything I have to gain and weigh it against everything I have to lose, and then I just decide. I tell myself one thing…I am not afraid.”
– Matt Murdock

Daredevil 1, written by Charles Soule and the art by Ron Garney. Starting off, this was a strong introduction. This art is perfect for the character of Daredevil, Prominent use of blacks and greys with splashs of reds to give the pages color really gave it a good color. The art never seems distract you from reading which is always a good thing. The story itself is very intriguing but not without its flaws.

The book begins with Daredevil diving to retrive an informant named “Billy Li”. I really like this scene because it shows Daredevil having trouble using his sense powers underwater and it brings a strong sense of urgency to the opening pages. Then you have Daredevil climbing unto the bridge and fighting the thugs of the “Church of Tenfingers” alongside his apprentice “Blindspot”. The scene that really should out was Matt Murdock interviewing Billy Li and trying to get him to agree to witness. I am normally not a fan of exposition but this was filled with well written dialogue that shows a threatening Matt Murdock(who is now a prosecuter), and a Billy Li who is just scared for his life. I just felt this scene showed the fierocity of Matt Murdock and how much he wants to takedown the church with Billy as his only shot at getting to them.

The scene after the bridge fight was with Matt and Foggy in Foggy’s apartment. Matt was housing  Billy up in Foggy’s apartment to keep him safe and Foggy was upset that Matt was housing a stranger in his apartment without telling him but he also mentioned about something Matt did to make everyone forget he is Daredevil(See Mark Waid’s run). I felt that part was good for continuity but it did not make sense in terms of plot. It just felt unneeded in a book that is already introducing you to everything all at once. Also, despite me liking the art, I do not like how Foggy was drawn in this scene. I do not know why but something was off.

The next complaint I have is the ending scene at the church of Tenfingers where the thugs are being scolded  for not completed the job. If the thug had killed Billy then Tenfingers would have rewarded him by cutting off 2 fingers and place them in some kind of collection case but since he failed no fingers were cut off. This scene is strange because the guy was so obssesed with the removal of his fingers that he tried to do it himself. I just wish there was more clarification on thier main goal, that way the readers can have an idea of where the book is heading. The book ends with Tenfingers sending a man named Samual to kill Billy and the lawyer.

This book was very good and my complaints were very minor and did not hinder my enjoyment of the book at all.


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