Individualization feat Daredevil 2



“He’s right. He has put his faith in me and I’m letting him down. Afterall, what is the point of being Daredevil, if you can’t leap before you look.”


Introduction: Let’s talk art.

Daredevil 2, story by Charles Soule and art by Ron Garney. Once again the art is on point. Blacks and greys are once again used heavily throughout the book with splashes of reds used in key sections to really hammer in a particular tone ,but unlike before this issue has a single scene where a lime green is used to highlight something new. It works because it allows this new component to stand out whereas a darker color would not. Now, let’s discuss what I liked and disliked about the story.


The opening page was laid out in a very interesting way. You have the “Church of the Sheltering Hands” on one side and the “New York State Supreme Court” on the right. Then directly below that you have a speech from ten fingers and a speech from Murdock with their faces side by side(as seen in the banner). Then the following pages kept changing the perspective from Tenfingers and Murdock and it was really neat way to show the difference between the two groups.

This next scenes both take place in the Supreme Court but on is outside and the other 2 are inside. The first scene we learn that one of the men Tenfingers sent to kill Billy Li is Daredevil’s new apprentice “Samuel”. We learn this is a training exercise to kill both Billy and the Lawyer(Sam does not know Matt is Daredevil). Overall, I like that we learn Samuel is working with tenfigers because right now we do not know all the reasons for why he is doing this. The next scene features Matt, Ellen King(A paralegal that Matt has been working with on the Tenfingers case) and a man named Mr. Hochberg. We learn that people in the legal system doubted Murdock as a prosecutor ,but he is really proving people wrong. I do like this was included because it sets up future events and really shows how vital it is to capture “Tenfighters”. With all that positive “Hoorah!” and seeing that Murdock has full support in going against “Tenfingers”, we learn that Samuel did not kill Billy ,but instead chopped off some of his fingers This obviously is a major setback because now Billy refuses to testify. We will learn the repercussions of this in the next issue.

The final scene that I really liked is the final act of the issue. It begins with Daredevil and Blindspot(Samuel) training with Daredevil trying to teach Samuel that words can be weapons in the heat of battle ,but what made me really like this training scene is where blindspot complains that Daredevil promised to take down Tenfingers and yet he hasn’t. This compels Daredevil(along with Samuel) to go to the church and attack Tenfingers. We will discuss what happens in a minute as I have a slight problem with the final 2 pages. Following that, let’s move onto the next discussion.


My biggest problem with this issue is when Samuel and the other 2 went to report back to Tenfingers that their mission was not a success. Sam was praised for delivering him Billy’s  fingers ,but said that he is disappointed in Samuel for not killing Billy and the lawyer. Granted, Samuel had a good reason for not killing both Tenfingers was still upset for him not killing Billy and he said he would kill him if Billy’s mother didn’t work for Tenfingers. I do not understand why a evil villain who is suppose to be this intimidating figure would let someone go when they have proven they are not loyal. Honestly, killing Billy would have set the tone of the book in a more threatening position for Matt and it would have been interesting to see how they deal with it. Now, of course I do not know where the story will go. In the end I may be proven wrong and Billy staying alive might prove to be the better option. I just don’t see how Tenfingers not punishing Samuel makes sense. Maybe, it was to show Tenfingers isn’t really a villain just an honorable man who is going about things in a very violent manner. We shall see.

I still think Samuel is a good kid. Sure, he is working for Tenfingers ,but it was mentioned that Sam’s loyalty is in question. That makes me think Sam is still a good guy and will betray Tenfingers in the end.

My last complaint is very minor and more or less just a corny phrase. In the end we have Daredevil and Sam go pay Tenfingers a visit and try to tale him down. We see Tenfingers use sp,e kind of magic that Daredevil notices and says that he stole that magic and the people he stole it from will try to take it back. Next, we see some hand ninjas pop in and say the exact same thing. they state who they are and why they are there. Nothing bad about it but upon reading it, it felt very corny.


Once again, my complaints were a little minor and did not hinder my enjoyment of this book ,but I do feel the issue was slightly a step down from issue 1. Issue 3 was released the week this review was written. Once the I post the review for issue 3, this series will become a monthly review as the books are released.


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