Jared Reviews: Deadpool (Spoiler Free)


I didn’t ask to be super, and I’m no hero. But when you find out your worst enemy is after your best girl, the time has come to be a ****ing superhero.

To put it very simply and to sum up the theme of this review: Deadpool is a weird, weird, weird film. It is a very fun and entertaining movie, but it is also incredibly different from the standard superhero fare. This may seem like a breath of fresh air to those who are sick of the genre, as Deadpool is more of a realistic satire of these popular films. To those who still enjoy their conventions, Deadpool is still a great film, but it is not amazing.

To get started on its good qualities, Deadpool’s biggest strength as well as its main draw is its humour. It is a very funny film, with all sorts of jokes that will make you laugh. Humour is very a subjective field, and the way Deadpool manages to make everyone laugh is to have all sorts of different forms of jokes. It ranges from dark comedy, to vulgar language, to Deadpool signature fourth wall breaks. No matter what your taste is, it is guaranteed that something in this film will make you laugh.

Another big draw of Deadpool is its ability to stand out amongst the overwhelming amounts of superhero movies. Deadpool is not a film where the good guy has to save the world and defeat the bad guy, but instead a more skewed version. He is not a hero; he would barely qualify as an anti-hero. Deadpool is instead some random guy who gets powers and uses them for his own selfish needs. Therefore, this take on a person with superpowers could feel refreshing to most.

However, these two pros are the only thing that the film has got going for it. The story is pretty wooden and seems more so like an afterthought, and the action is limited due to Deadpool’s mere budget of 60 million (most superhero films tend to have at least 150 million). Therefore, it concentrates most of its runtime on cracking jokes and explaining Deadpool’s origin. Yes, this film is an origin story, which can feel like a drag at times but is also necessary. However, the origin story does a surprisingly superb job in making you invested in Deadpool’s story and understanding his motivations, as messed up as they could be.

Another issue with Deadpool is at times the comedy can feel slightly overwhelming, due to the film being a non-stop joke fest. Pretty much every single line is some sort of wisecrack or reference, and not all of them are effective. With as many jokes as Deadpool has, it is guaranteed for at least a few to fall flat. It felt like there were a lot of jokes that were unfunny or did not work, but that was really because of how many jokes there were overall. There were still way more jokes that were funny compared to those that were not.

Overall, Deadpool was a really solid film. There were all sorts of various jokes that the film kept shelling out in a rapid-fire manner, which was easily its main strength. However, if you are not a fan of that kind of film, Deadpool might not be for you. Furthermore, if you are expecting something with a lot of action and typical heroics of a superhero, that is not what Deadpool is trying to be. However, if you want to see a weird film that stands out among the large amounts of superhero films, Deadpool is something that can be recommended.


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