Individualization feat Daredevil 3


Disclaimer: There will be spoilers for Daredevil issue 3. This is no first review where I haven’t read any future issue. Also all characters and story are owned by Marvel comics!

Review by: Christopher Johnson

Story by: Charles Soule

Art by: Ron Garney

“Now, here’s the question. Is it possible, somehow, I am also an idiot? This is the very definition of not my fight. Tenfingers made his bed. He can lie in it. On the other hand, the Hand’s here to kill. There is no doubt about it. That’s what they do. So, Matty–what’s it going to be? Let them fight it out? Nah. A life’s a life.”


This issue wasn’t as good as the previous 2 ,but the story is still interesting. We learn Tenfingers use to be apart of the hand and we see Daredevil realize how much of a threat he really is. Another great thing about the fight scene is we were able to get a better look at who Tenfingers is. When the hand ninjas arrived, he was very calm and had the utmost confidence that he could win. I thought it was a nice gesture to see him respond in that way. Finally, the following scene we see Matt get demoted to night court because he failed at protecting his witness. This shows just how important the Tenfingers case is to the law firm and it will be interesting to see how Matt handles being Daredevil while working nights.

Did you notice how I had 2 positives for one scene? That will probably happen when one scene is 12 pages long out of a book with 16 pages of panels.That was entirely too long and really weakened the book. Spending so long in 1 scene give far less development time to the other scenes in the book. Which, is my main concern. The writer really made the other scenes just an afterthought of sorts. I mean I know one had one of my favorite parts in the book but just seeing that fight drag on was just boring and I felt other parts could have been given more attention to.

This issue was not bad at all. I liked but not as much as the other two. I feel the positives aren’t as strong and the negatives did hurt the book more than the others were hurt.


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