My Top 5: Spider-Man Movie Ideas(Villain Edition)

By: Christopher Johnson




Spider-Man arguably has the best rogue gallery in all of comics. Today, I would like to discuss the five villains/storylines I would like to see in a Spiderman movie. There really isn’t much to explain so let’s kick this off with a fairly disliked storyline.



  1. The Jackal (The Clone Saga) 

“The Clone Saga” has generally been a story most Spider fans tend to not like for various reasons. Personally I think this could be interesting if used in a movie but not organically.

My idea is this: Miles Warren is shown creating Kaine in an after credit scene of an earlier film. I feel this story would work better as a second or third movie and not a debut movie in to MCU. In this film, we learn Miles Warren disposed of the clone known as “Kaine Parker” and created new clone. Throughout the movie we see two Peter Parker’s with the original beginning to question if he is the clone or not. Towards the middle a guy in black and purple is introduced and he fights both Ben and Peter. Near the end we learn the guy in black in Kaine Parker and Ben becomes Scarlet Spider.


001 Doc OCk.png

  1. Doctor Octopus (My Uncle…My enemy??)

Onto a much simpler and a more fun story. There was a time Doctor Octopus tried to marry aunt May because she accidentally inherited an island and he wanted to it to be his. I think this story could be very fun and outlandish , like most good comic stories are. I think maybe the reason he married her could be different but the end result is the same. Spider-Man fighting Doctor Octopus at a wedding. Of course it ends with the wedding getting called off and Doctor Octopus goes to jail. I have this as number 4 as it is more realistic than “Clone Saga” but he has already been in a movie and I want to save the top 3 for fresh blood.



  1. Mysterio(The Madness of Mysterio/To Squash a Spider)

Mysterio could work so well on screen with the CGI that could be used in his hallucinations. Quentin Beck who started out as a special effects artist but realize he was stuck in a run and decided to use his talents in special effects and become a super villain. He releases a form of smoke that causes anyone who is around to suffer hallucinations. In one particular 2 Parker he made Spider-man think he had shrunk and was in an amusement park. I feel the this could be a fun and really corny movie with outstanding effects of done right. No matter how awesome Mysterious is, I do not find this to be attractive to a general audience due to the corniness and overall lack of a heavy and powerful plot.


  1. Kingpin/Hammerhead/Tombstone (Gang War)

I have never been much for mafia style movie but this would be essentially “The Godfather” + Spider-Man. It would start with a war between the three gang leaders but it gets so out of control that Spider-man has to team up with Daredevil and the Punisher then of course the gangs call a truce to jointly attack the heroes.

The original gang War story had like 5 gang leaders with only 2 being a mafia leader of sorts(Kingpin being one), I added Hammerhead and Tombstone because they unique physical features that allow them to stand out(one having a flat head and the other being albino).

I may not be much on mafia movies but this story is high on the list because it would be the perfect way to blend the Netflix shows with the movies. Keep the actors that portray the characters on Netflix and you have a very interesting product.



  1. Kraven the Hunter (Kraven’s Last Hunt)


Comic book movies in this day and age normally have a really dark or a really light tone and when studios try to mix it up they seem to leave the audience confused as to what direction they wanted to go with the movies or sometimes the tone can contradict with who the hero is. An example of “Tonal Confusion” would simply be Iron Man 3. Now, Iron Man isn’t a real dark hero but the tone of the movie was too light hearted to portray and a hero in a very serious situation. “Guardians of the Galaxy” had a light hearted tone but that worked well in a movie with a walking tree and a talking Racoon.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is no different. He needs to be cracking jokes while facing a very dangerous foe and what better way than to use Kraven the Hunter. Kraven is russian and he typically views Spider-Man as his greatest catch. He is constantly trying to hunt the spider using various traps or animals such as a Lion.What I like about Kraven is that no matter what comic book I read that he is in, things get serious. No matter the tone he has a way of really bringing an intensity unlike any of Spider-Man’s villains(aside from Venom of course).

Now let’s discuss the story I would prefer. This is “Kraven’s Last Hunt”, in this story Kraven seemingly kill “The Spider” and then took over the role as Spider-Man to prove he could do it better. This story was able to showcase that even though Kraven had the ability to be Spider-Man he didn’t have the heart that Peter has and really goes to shows the kind of man Peter is. In the movies I could them using this story to show if Peter does or doesn’t have what it takes to be an Avenger. Really prove what it means to carry the title.


All in all, Gang War and the Kraven story are the two I would like to see most so I have more in idea of what I would like to see ,but I think all three of these would be interesting to see at some point. If you are interested in other “Top 5 Movie Storyline” articles, then please check out my Black Panther article(here). If you would like to know when more articles are posted please follow @Cjohnson0545 on twitter or “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook.

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