Want to Read Comics? Meet Charles Soule!

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion about the writer. His permission was given to write this article!

By: Christopher Johnson


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If you have been following my Daredevil reviews, then you know how I feel about that series but enough about the man without fear, let’s discuss the man behind the pen: Charles Soule. We will discuss what he writes and then I will explain my thoughts on him.


1.What Has He Written?


1A. My Introduction to Soule:

I was first introduced to Soule when his “She-Hulk” and “Inhuman” series were announced. Now, I never read those books but I have heard how good they are. The first series I have read by Soule was “The Death of Wolverine”. He onto wrote three follow ups to it called “The Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy”, “The Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program” and Marvel’s first weekly series, “Wolverines”. As my first real introduction to Soule, “The Death of Wolverine” was a perfect homage to the character and what the series represented was executed in a very interesting way. Three aforementioned books all spin out of the ramifications of Wolverine dying and feature several heroes and villains who had a major impact on his life. I have not read these books ,but I really like the idea behind showing the legacy of Wolverine and Marvel deciding to not rush to revive him. Wolverine has been dead for roughly one and a half years and instead of reviving him, they have simply brought in a Logan from an alternate universe and passed on the title of “Wolverine” to Laura Kinney AKA X-23. Now, enough about that.


1B. Secret Wars and Current Books:

After all the aforementioned books came to an end, Soule wrote two tie-ins to Marvel’s secret War event “Inhuman: Attilan Rising” and “Civil War”. Of these two I started reading Civil War because the premise was interesting and I wanted to read more of Soule’s work. Near this time he also wrote a miniseries for Marvel’s “Star Wars” lineup titled “Lando”. A series about Lando Calrissian. As you may recall, “Civil War” was my favorite series of 2015 and that was part of the reason I am reading his run on Daredevil.


1C. Currently:

Currently, (besides Daredevil) he is writing “Uncanny Inhuman”, “All New Inhumans” and a Star Wars prequel series titled “Obi-man and Anakin”.


2. My Thoughts on Soule


2A. “The Death of Wolverine”

I have only read three series by him but the three I have read are all great. “The Death of Wolverine” is a fantastic homage to the character and was a great way to send off the character. I mean the ending wasn’t as dramatic as most people would have preferred ,but I liked how Soule handled it. It was practical and made sense from a story perspective.


2B. “The Civil War” (2015)

“Civil War” (2015) was an alternate version of the 2006 series. More or less a sequel that was set 8 years after the original event where Captain america owned half of America and Stark owned the other half. What Soule did with this was outstanding. He created his own world and revealed very little information about it but enough to keep you interested. I would say the worst thing about it, is that will never know how Wolverine became the new Hulk or how Clint Barton became Venom ,but he makes you want to know without flooding too much information that the story takes a hit. He reveals just enough both plot and of non relevance as you read that really holds your interest tight.


2C. “Daredevil”

My thoughts on Daredevil are ongoing but so far it has been a very good book. Focused on a strong story and characters who build onto the story. I will keep my thoughts short since I have written down all my thoughts per issue. As an example, here are issues 1 and 2.


2D. Overall Impression: I RECOMMEND!

I think it is clear what I think of Soule ,but I highly recommend this writer. He seems to be a writer that focuses heavily on story and really chooses characters who blend in with the story that is being told.  Soule is a writer I will continue to support in what he writes after his run on Daredevil ends.




This is a new series where I give my thoughts on certain writers or artists to help someone who may not know where to start reading comic books. If you interested when the next edition of this series or any future work in general, please feel free to follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter or “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook.


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