A Review in Question: Batman Bad Blood

Disclaimer: This a a Warner Brothers Production and all character and storylines are owned by DC.

By: Christopher Johnson

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“Batman: Bad Blood” was released in 2016. It is the sixth movie in DC’s new animated universe preceded by 2 Justice League films and 3 Batman movies. The story involves Nightwing(Dick Grayson), Robin(Damian Wayne), Batwing(Luke Fox) and Batwoman(Kate Kane) teaming up after Batman’s mysterious death/disappearance. The main villains are Talia Al Ghul, The Heretic and Mad Hatter.


1.How was the plot?

  • The movie began with “The Heretic” kidnapping Batman for Talia Al Gul. Later, we learn Heretic is an adult clone of Damian Wayne but does not have the memories that he has. He wants to kidnap Damien and transfer the boy’s memories to himself. While Talia is trying to brainwash Batman so that they can brainwash world leaders at Bruce Wayne’s tech summit on the watchtower and take over the world. I did not like this plot very much. It was just boring.


  1. Who was the best hero and the best villain?
  • I would say the best hero in this was Nightwing. He was clearly the main hero and took center stage. Seeing him dress up as Batman in the “death” of the bat was cool to see.
  • I would say the best villain is a tie between the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter has always been an interesting villain but really underused. My thoughts on the plot aside, he made the most sense for the plot and it was cool to see him used.


  1. Who was the worst hero and worst villain?
  • To me, the worst hero was Bat-Wing. I like him as a character, it ias nice that they added an African american character to the bat family ,but I did not like his voice actor and felt he gained his suit too late into the movie. I know this is kind of a petty reason ,but that is because the members of the Bat family is the strongest part of this movie.
  • The worst villain is clearly Talia Al Gul. Heretic being a clone of Damian was stupid ,but one thing that annoys me more than anything is when you have a mysterious villain with no hints they are working for anyone then they die halfway through the movie and replaced by someone else. I would imagine there are good examples of this but this movie is not one of those examples. I do not like they built up Heretic as this incredible villain just to knock him down in favor of a weak storyline and Talia Al Gul.


  1. How does a Batman movie feel with Batman In the backseat?
  • Batman spent the 90% of the movie either brainwashed or missing. I thought it was handled really well. Having other members of the Bat Family step up was a nice touch and I think it was one of the better points. It was really interesting watching a fight between Batman and Nightwing with Batman in an antagonistic role.


  1. Do I recommend this movie?
  • I think someone who is a bigger Batman fan than me than they would like it. I mean it has some enjoyable moments and the characters were likeable. I just felt the story itself is weak and that is what drives the movie. So, to answer the question…No. there are better DC Animated movies out there to watch and enjoy.



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