Top 5 Joke Characters

By: Christopher Johnson

(Disclaimer: All characters are owned by their perspective company as are the storylines)


In honor of April Fool’s Day, I thought it would be fun to discuss my top 5 joke characters in comic books. The lower the number the more of a joke they are. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The List:

5. Squirrel Girl


Doreen Green AKA Squirrel Girl was originally created to be an example of a bad character and was intended to only have 1 appearance. She was created in 1991 and her second appearance was in 2005 where she joined the West Coast Avengers. The West Coast Avengers are a team of heroes with terrible powers. I decided to only pick two on this list. Doreen was selected because she was created to be terrible and her superpower is the ability to control Squirrels, despite this she has defeated Dr. Doom and other very powerful villains. She is lowest on the list because she is now more than a joke and is currently the comedic relief in “New Avengers” and even has her own book.

4. Ambush Bug


Ambush Bug was also an originally created as a silly character. His origin is a parody of Superman’s origin. When Irwin Schwab first obtained the green suit he became a supervillain. He has miniature robotic bugs in his suit that allows him to teleport. He was a terrible villain, so he became a hero. Ambush Bug has been known to be aware of the fourth wall which adds to the joke aspect of the hero. Ambush is low on the list due to his popularity. He hasn’t been used in recent years so that earns him the fourth spot behind Doreen.

3. Grasshopper


Unlike the other two, Grasshopper(and the next two) have had a much weaker impact on comic books). Grasshopper was a superhero with no real superpower. His “ability” of sorts was that he was a good jumper but that was it. He joined the Great Lakes Avengers for roughly 5.8 seconds and then He was killed off. I am not saying his death was funny but it is certainly not the most serious of situations. I consider him more of a joke character than the other two due to how little impact he has had in comic books.

2. Arm Fall Off Boy


Arm Fall Off Boy was created by Curt Swan. He has the ability to detach and reattach his limbs. He was the first superhero to be rejected by the Legion of Superheroes. In fact he was rejected twice by them. The first time was pretty instantaneous but the second time he made the final 5(he was known as Splitter) ,but was rejected when he literally fell apart under pressure. There really is else known about him. His origin has never truly been explored. For this reason he is the second best joke character since it is near impossible to take him serious.

1.Bat Cow


Bat-Cow was created by Grant Morrison and in my opinion is the ideal joke character. His story is simple, he was saved by Damien Wayne and was given the name “Bat-Cow”. Since then Bat-Cow was a playable character in lego batman 3, where he has no abilites andcan not even attack. To me that is the pure definition of a joje character. Thier appearence is to not be taken seriously and thier existence is a pure joke.


Hopefully, you enjoyed this fun little article. I will try to do more articles to correspond with a certian day. If you haveany suggestions for what days I could write article for please let me know! If you would like to know when more articles are posted, please follow @Johnson0545 on Twitter or “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook.

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