Individualization feat Daredevil 4

Disclaimer: The characters and stories are owned by Marvel comics

By: Christopher Johnson

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Ron Garney


“I am a hero, Mr. Murdock. A savior. You are the faithless mean little man doing everything he can to stop me. If I am a God…I wonder…what does that make you?”
– Tenfingers

Introductions are so issue 3. By now the way these will be structured is pretty clear. From here on there will be no introductions, I will hop directly into the review. So, let’s do just that…

– There has been a clear story in issues 1-3 with little splashes that tell you Matt did something to make everyone forget that he is Daredevil. This is the first issue that made me interested in the second story. Soule introduces the idea that the way Daredevil did this was wrong from an ethical point of view. This intrigues me but I will be sad if he goes a “Brand New Day” route and makes a deal with Mephisto.

– This issue doesn’t touch on the Tenfingers story much but when it does, we get an even deeper look at his character. It’s not that he doesn’t see himself as a villain but more as he sees himself as the savior of his people. It really makes me question if Tenfingers is a villain or just a crazed leader who really wants the best for his followers. I mean he will probably prove to be a villain but it would be interesting if him and Daredevil reached a mutual agreement of sorts

– Another thing I really liked was more light onto the character of Samuel Chung AKA Blindspot. We know he is Daredevil’s apprentice but we also know that while he is seemingly a follower of Tenfingers, his mother is one of his main generals. In this issue we learn he is not a follower of Tenfingers, he just hangs around since his mother is there. Normally in these circumstances the writer would hide the son’s heroic identity from his potential evil mother until a major confrontation at the end. In this issue while in the temple, his mother starts bashing Blindspot in front of her son saying that Blindspot is a fraud and he will not save the people of Chinatown while working with Daredevil. He then reveals he is Blindspot right inside the temple! That took me by surprise the instant he did it.

– I felt that the art was as good as it normally is but that style just doesn’t match this kind of story.

– The story was really different. The first 3 issues all had a main story that focused on Tenfingers. Four did not. Instead Steve Rogers was called in by Daredevil so Matt could get a morality check from Steve about whatever he did but instead he is dragged into a single issue story with Steve about a bomb and there was some humorous lines since either Steve never knew he was blind or Matt made him forget that as well. I liked that the issue kind of had a larger focus on what Matt did but I hate that it focused on a single issue story while the other 3 didn’t. It felt out of synch.

After some thought, this issue is better than issue 3 but weaker than the first two. Tenfingers keeps getting interesting and I am interested to see where they take his character. It seems like issue 5 will end the Tenfinger arc.

Rating: 8.25/10

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