Comics to Movies: Hawkeye

Written by: Christopher Johnson



DISCLAIMER: This is pure speculation. There is currently no Hawkeye film announced. I just had the idea and felt like going with it. The story is based off of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run. All credit goes to him for the base story and all characters are owned by Marvel.


Towards the later half of 2015, I wrote a review for Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye. Today, I would like to expand on that and give my idea of what a Hawkeye movie could look like in the MCU ,but in a similar vein to the story by Matt Fraction. We will begin by discussing the character who I feel who be in the story. Any character not originally in the story that will be added here will be marked with (NEW). Any characters from the original story will have no special marking. Without further ado, let’s begin!



  1. The Heroes

1A. Hawkeye(Clint Barton): This story would focus on a younger Clint Barton as he learns to be a hero after leaving the circus. Clint was station in an Apartment building to investigate and take down the tracksuit bros

1B. Laura Wright(NEW): Laura takes the place of Darlene Wright, a rebellious woman who use to be married a member of the mafia. She teams up with Clint and Natasha. She will eventually settle down and marry Clint.

1C. Natasha Romanov(NEW): she will take the place of Kate Bishop. Natasha will be a newly hired shield agent who is currently living in the apartments as a cover mission. Throughout the span of this movie she will befriend Clint and Laura.

1D. Gilbert(Gil/Grills): He is a friend of Hawkguy who is killed early in the story. This could be a good way to show the kindness of Clint and to show a friend who isn’t an agent of Shield. His death could be in not long before the Climax to introduce the main villain of the movie.

1E. Pizza Dog/Lucky: He was previously owned by a member of the Tracksuit Bros when Clint saves him and takes ownership of him. Pizza Dog was a main character and even had an issue dedicated to him. It would be an interesting twist if the movie somehow had a scene completely dedicated to Pizza Dog and we were able to see things from his perspective

1F: The Residents: In the finale, the residents played a big role in defeating “The Clown”, I would no less expect them to play a part as well. This could show Clint being in a leadership role to rally together a group of ragtag civilians. We could even see a slightly younger version of Malcolm from “Jessica Jones”.


  1. The Villains

2A. Ivan and the Tracksuit Bros- Start out as the main villains until they hire The Swordsman. Ivan is the ex husband of Laura Wright. Thier goal is to take ownership of the apartment building and use it for their own selfish benefits.

2B. The Swordsman(Jacques Duquesne,NEW)- In the comics he trained Hawkeye while Hawkeye was a part of the circus. In this version I would keep that pretty much the same but instead of the tracksuit Bros hiring “The Clown”, they could hire Clint’s old mentor to help them fight Hawkeye. I know this is cliche but I feel it would help establish Clint’s MCU origins.


The Story:

I think the best way to handle the story is to keep it simple. Keep it in line with the original story while in line with the MCU. Clint Barton(A newly recruited agent) is sent on a mission with Natasha Romanov to temporarily live in an apartment complex while investigating a group known as the Tracksuit bros. Early in the movie he runs into trouble with Ivan, the leader of the Tracksuit Bros. He manages to get away  and finds a dog that was abandoned by the Bros. He takes the dog to the vet, then takes it as his own. Just a few minutes before the climax he gets entangled with Laura Wright (Ivan’s ex Wife), Clint and Natasha agree to help her steal something back from the Bros so, she can flee. Throughout the course of the movie Clint and Laura fall in love. During his stay in the building, Clint befriends Gilbert. Gilbert is just a normal civilian who is able to bring out Clint’s humanity. Towards the middle of the movie, Ivan hires a mercenary named Jacques Duquesne AKA The Swordsmen. A former circus performer an Clint’s mentor.The climax of the movie is when the Swordsmen kills Gilbert while the perspective is in the eyes of Clint’s dog. Not only would this be more dramatic by the perspective being lower than normal but this would be a reference to one of the more interesting parts of the comic series. Clint and Jacques will have one small skirmish before the final act. Clint will learn that him and Natasha can not take him on by themselves. The final act of the movie will be Clint, Natasha and Penny working with the civilians to set a trap where we see the trap take place in the end and the trio triumph over the tracksuit bros and Jacques but not before Jacques murders Clint’s dog. In the comic series, the dog was injured by the main villain but did not die. I feel the dog dying in this movie would have a stronger emotional pull. The movie ends with Clint and Natasha returning to the Helicarrier having succeeded but not before Clint promises to call Laura later as she gives him her phone number.


This is obviously just the main plot points that would happen. We would have other subplots but those would be too random and obscure that I only wanted to guess major aspects of the movie. If there is another movie you would like to layout how I think it would happen, just let me know and I may end up doing it! If you would like to know when future articles are posted, just “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or feel free to follow Cjohnson0545 on Twitter.

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