Individualization feat Daredevil 5

DISCLAIMER: This story was crafted by Charles Soule and the characters belong to Marvel Comics. Every word below here is my opinion.




Written by: Christopher Johnson

Story by: Charles Soule

Art by: Ron Garney



The story is this; back in issue 3, the hand tried to kill Tenfingers for stealing their magic. Tenfingers succeeded in defending his people but this time the hand sacrificed many hand ninjas in order to bring to life an undead master ninja known as “The Fist”. Tenfingers was unable to defeat the fist and was willing to let his followers die to save his own life. After it was revealed he was merely a fraud, he was killed by some hand ninjas when he had ran off.After a grueling fight, Daredevil killed the Fist.



  • I did not expect Tenfingers to die. This issue was fully devoted to the Tenfingers story. I really enjoyed the pacing, the dialogue and most everything about this issue.
  • Unlike issue 4, the art fits the story and I believe this has been the best art of the series.
  • Daredevil v. The Fist might have been good but the ever expect Blindspot v. His mother was the best fight in the series. There could have been confusion as to where Blindspot’s loyalties lie but this fight alone proved it. Samuel’s mother believed her son when he said he wants to save Chinatown so, she killed her associates and told him that she isn’t his mother now and for him to not try to save her.



  • I am not a fan of how Tenfingers was written in this issue.  When the fist was trying to kill him he gave the magic to his followers so the fist would kill them instead. Then he ran off when Daredevil appeared. Next we see him frantically pacing in his room saying “I can still save them” ,but not long before some Hand ninja arrived and killed him. I just felt this did nothing to help Tenfinger’s character and it seemed so cliche the way he died.OVerall, it just made the story feel meaningless. We went through all this just for everything to fall flat because Tenfingers stole the power from the hand.
  • Another thing I disliked is when Matt was working at his firm, he heard some employees saying how Blindspot posted on Twitter for Daredevil to meet him at the temple. After Matt heard this he immediately left to go meet Blindspot. I did not like this because you if Matt if trying so hard to hide his identity, why does he so obviously slip away?


Rating: 8.75


Volume 1 Thoughts: The first 2 and last issue are the best of the 5 issue arc. I may have trouble with the ending but the battle scenes and Blindspot alone are enough to make me enjoy the issue quite a bit. I do not recommend this arc because I do not feel like the ending to the first arc is worth it. It just felt like a let down/ I will continue this series and will begin a new review series with “Individualization feat New Avengers 1 & 2”. That should be released next week.I enjoyed the first arc for the most part but the ending slightly irks me. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the finale for the first arc. This series should revert back to once a month now that  I’m caught up.

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