Individualization featuring New Avengers 1&2

Disclaimer: This is a comic series. Story belong Al Ewing, characters to Marvel Comics and opinions to me.

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Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson

Story by: Al Ewing

Art by: Gerado Sandoval


“Hey! Awesome new friends! First off–I totally love the gyroelongated bipyramid look! It’s my third favorite geometric solid. Secondly–how do you breathe? I think science would like to know!”

  • Squirrel Girl(Issue 1)



I choose to review New Avengers because the series is my second favorite series I am reading. Of my two favorites, I felt New Avengers would be the easiest to play catch up with as I can review multiple issues in each review as how the book is being written. With that being said, this is NOT replacing Daredevil. Daredevil will still be released once a month as this series will be once or twice a month depending on the release schedule. Now, let’s discuss the story



New Avengers is a team book written by Al Ewing with art by Gerado Sandoval. The Team consists of White Tiger(Ava Ayala), Power Man(Victor Alvarez), Squirrel Girl, Wiccan, Hawkeye(Clint Barton), Songbird, Hulkling, POD and the leader, Sunspot(Robert De Costa). In these first two issues, they are sent to Paris to investigate reports of people whose heads have been replace with diamonds.The villain of the two issues is “The Maker” who used this as a ritual to try to summon the “Ghost Wizard of the Fifth Cosmos”, Moridun. Moridun vanishes as soon as the New Avengers disrupt the summoning ,but unbeknownst to The Maker, Moridun remains in the universe.



-I thought this issue had some of the best one liners from Squirrel girl in the series. They were well placed and it really brought a good vibe in a somewhat goofy story.

-Later on, I will explain why this story didn’t wow me at first but one thing that was not upsetting was the writing. Ewing did a great job with the dialogue. You really felt what the characters were expressing. When the characters were falling out of the plane you could feel the ones who were exhilarated and you felt scared when they acted scared. You know your comic is in good hands when a writer writes like that.

-Honestly, I have to praise the art by Sandoval. I have never been a fan of Humberto Ramos but I felt Sandoval’s art is a more polished version of Ramos. I mean the art is not perfect and a few spots look kinda okay but when it is good, IT IS GOOD.



– I just felt this story,while fantastical in nature and worked well with the characters, was just lackluster. It just was they find out a problem, go to Paris, fight a bunch of diamond heads, things go from bad to worse, they figure out a solution, New Avengers win. It was very by the books. It was bad by any standards but it did not impress me upon first reading.

– I did not like how it felt Wiccan and Hulkling seemed to take the spotlight in the story. I thought Ewing could have done a better job at balancing out the characters. I know Songbird is the field leader but it seemed that she, Hawkeye and Power Man just fell into the background and White Tiger really was prevented from sharing their fate due to her interactions with Squirrel Girl.

– To piggyback off of my first “complaint”, the story was just very convoluted and I did not understand what exactly the maker was doing. Looking back, I still kind of don’t. The New Avengers disrupted his summoning and Moridun vanished but he was still stuck in the universe so he really did not disappear. I guess the summoning worked long enough for him to physically manifest into the universe just not long enough for :The Maker” to be successful in whatever he was trying to do.


Overall Thoughts:

After reading this series, I enjoyed it but I wasn’t impressed at first. At that time I felt this series could possibly be dropped later on in the year. Now as I reread the past issues I notice what this issue did and how it ties into issues 3-6. 1-6 tells an ongoing story(as we will explore in the coming weeks ,but it does it in a very interesting way. As a negative, I stated I felt Hulkling and Wiccan had too much of a presence but looking forward, they take center stage in this story where other characters take center stage in future stories. I tried basing this review on my thoughts as I was first reading this series and not base it on information from future issues..
Rating: Issue 1: 7.75. Issue 2: 7.50

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