A Question in Review: Justice League Throne of Atlantis

Disclaimer: This is a 2015 animated feature by Warner bros animation. The original story was written by Geoff Johns and the characters are owned by DC)

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Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson

Justice League Throne of Atlantis was released in 2015, it is the third movie in DC’s NEW 52 Animated movie universe. The story centers on two plot points that converge near the end.

  1. The Justice League(Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Shazam and Cyborg) discovering the existence of Atlantis and their fight against the Oceanmaster
  2. Arthur Curry becoming King of Atlantis and his fight against his brother, Ocean Master and the Black Manta.


  1. How was the plot?

I enjoyed the plot. It never felt like it dragged. It was simple enough to not get confused, but in depth enough to not get bored. It was just about a man learning the powers he has and that he can be King of Atlantis after the death of his mother, while introducing you to the world of Atlantis and their relations with the “Land Dwellers”. The movie does a really good job at showing the difference between Orm and his mother


  1. Did it feel like an Aquaman movie?

Yes. It is called “Justice League”, but Aquaman is at the forefront of the movie. I honestly like that the League is in this movie. As I answered in question 1, this movie does a lot to set up the world around Aquaman. We learn about Atlantis through the eyes of the league. For the first half you learn Arthur is not yet king and the that Atlantis is perceived as only a myth. As the movie progresses you learn that not only is Arthur the king of Atlantis but also that Atlantis has mixed perceptions about the people of land. The Queen and the Atlanteans want peace while Prince Orm(Ocean Master) wants war.


  1. How do I Feel About This Movie Compared to Batman: Bad Blood?

There is no comparison in any length. Bad Blood was a mess on so many different levels. “Throne of Atlantis” is a movie that had focus and was very enjoyable to watch. One big difference is the amount of villains in the movie. Bad blood had several villains all throughout the movie, but Throne of Atlantis really only had the only three Aquaman villains I had previously heard of(Ocean Master, Black Manta and The Trench). The biggest difference between the two of course is the fact that not only does Throne of Atlantis have focus, but it has a story. Whereas Bad Blood was just a crowded mess that had a very weak story. Now, the story of ToA is not completely original as it is based off of a 2012 story by Geoff Johns(a loose adaption to be exact), but to me what matters is that it had a story and one that was enjoyable to watch


  1. Did the Justice League Feel Shoehorned in?

I might have hinted at this before, but no. My biggest fear going into this was that it would not feel like an aquaman film and that the addition of the League would feel forced and that they would not have made sense for the story or just appear at points to say they were in the movie. I felt the writers did a good job of balancing what they had to work with. Aquaman feels like the main character while the League feels like they belonged in the movie and were used as a way to introduce new and old viewers to this universe’s Atlantis.


  1. Would I recommend this movie?

Absolutely! If you think Aquaman is a weak and stupid villain than maybe this movie can change your mind. It does a great job at showing how awesome Aquaman can be. I feel like Aquaman gets a bad rap for no reason. He can be real intimidating if you think about it, and this movie does the character complete justice.


Rating: 8.75

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