Individulization Featuring New Avengers 3 & 4

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Al Ewing. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.

NA 1&2

Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson

Story by: Al Ewing

Art by: Gerado Sandoval

The Story:

Moridun (The Ghost Wizard of the Fifth Cosmos) was introduced in issue 2. Issues 3 and 4 begin the four issues(3-6). In these two issues, the story is simple. K’kyy, Mur-g’nn, Lan-zarr are a part of the “Knights of Infinite”, a group of Kree-Skrull hybrids from the future. They travel to the past to retrieve Hulkling from the New Avengers so he can help defend them from a great evil(Moridun). To prove he is who they are seeking, they challenge him to obtain the “Sword of Light” and he accomplishes this rather easily. Next they travel to their homeworld to find their leader had been killed and the battle against Moridun begins in issue 4. The NEw Avengers arrive during the battle and the actual fight between Moridun and Hulking is rather short, but Moridun is not defeated. At the end of the issue, Moridun plants a seed of his conscience inside of Wiccan. This sets up the final 2 issues of the Moridun arc.



  • The dialogue and the character interactions were great in this issue. Whether it is Wiccan and Hulkling, Songbird and Hawkeye, Songbird and Squirrel Girl, even the small conversation between Wiccan and Power Man really brought character to the book.
  • If we are talking about characters then let’s talk about the 3 knights of infinite; Lan-zarr, K’kyy(Pronounced Kuy-koo) and Mur-g’nn. The Knights are Kree/Skrull hybrids and there future king is Dorreck VIII also known as Hulkling. These three were a great way to add story to the book without exposition and to see how loyal they are to Hulkling due to some prophecy really shows how much they want to unite the Kree and Skrull empires, so that neither collapse. I find this really interesting knowing about the history between these two has primarily been war. So, seeing a group that wants to unify the two is really cool to see.
  • In these two issues, it clear that Hulkling and Wiccan are the main focus of the team in  the first arc. While others get their chance to shine in later issues. I really liked that Ewing is writing it like this. He has a lot of people on the New Avengers, giving them all a chance to shine at some point helps allowing none of the characters to feel like they are stuck in the background.
  • My interest in this series really began to rise at the end of issue 4. After Hulkling “defeats” Moridun, we learn that he(Moridun) infected Hulkling’s boyfriend Wiccan, This leads into the next two issues and at the moment I realized what Ewing had done and that there was a larger story being told.



  • Yes, I thought the character interactions were great and the dialogue was well written but…that is just it. We know Moridun wants to destroy everything but we are never told why or even how he discovered the knights of infinite. I think this is why I was so confused when I first read issues 2 & 3, we see Moridun vanish at the end of 2 after the NA break the summoning spell but somehow he still winds up in existence. The second issue makes it appearance that he went back to the Fifth Cosmos but I guess was just teleported to the farrec hes of the universe? I do not understand.
  • Another complaint I had is that in issue 1 they poke fun at the idea of a traitor with Hawkeye saying things like “I am the traitor” to Robert de Costa. I thought that was a nice way to poke fun at all of the comics and shows having a “traitor in the midst”, but of course we learn that Songbird found a listening device and suspects there is a REAL traitor on the team. I feel like this is an overused concept and was kinda hoping there wouldn’t be one.
  • To piggyback off of the first complaint, I HATED the battle against Moridun. I felt it was just so boring and rushed, sure it makes sense looking back because Moridun “died” so he could infect Wiccan. Also, the book does not make clear if his goal from the start was to infect Wiccan or if he just thought of that on the fly because he knew he was going to lose.


Overall Thoughts:

When I first read issue 3, I was content with dropping the book. It did not make sense at the time why Hulking and Wiccan were getting so much more love than the others, the character interactions were not bad per se but at the time of reading this, I wanted a strong story and just didn’t not see it at the time. I still felt this way while reading issue 4 UNTIL the last page.  When Wiccan becomes infected and changes his name to Demiurge, I almost instantly became hyped for issue 5 and suddenly had no plans to drop this series. What changed? The sheer thought of an interesting overarching story with a (possible) epic fight against Moridun to make up for the weak fight in issue 4 was just so exciting. Are there flaws here? Yes, but I feel the weaker story plays well into what Ewing has done in the first 6 issues. He started off by introducing the villain of the arc(Moridun) while also introducing you to a more long term villain(The Maker and W.H.I.S.P.E.R). Then in the next two he gives you a sample of Moridun’s power and teasing something that you will see in the next two issues. Next week, we will have Daredevil 6 and will continue plowing through  with New Avengers 5 & 6.



Issue 3: 7.75

Issue 4: 8.00

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