The Best Choice? Avengers Line-Up

DISCLAIMER: “The Avengers” are a team created by Marvel Comics. Below are my thoughts on who I think works best on the Main team.


By: Christopher Johnson

Series Description:
Over the year not only has the Avengers lineup changed over the years but so has the number of Avengers teams. What I mean is throughout the year we have had “Avengers”, “West Coast Avengers”, “Great Lake Avengers”, “Dark Avengers”, “Avengers Academy”, “New Avengers”, “Secret Avengers” and so much more. Throughout the year and maybe even into 2017, I will present what my choice lineup would be for each team. The first team I will discuss will be the main Avengers team and in the poll below, I will give you the 3 teams I most want to discuss next and we will go from there. There is no telling how many of these there will be, I would say at least 5. The reason I am doing this is to discuss not only who I think would work best on a team but also the purpose for each team and what heroes are best for that purpose.

The Avengers, such a classic team in Marvel comics but which members would be best for the team? Let’s look at the roster in the first four issues to see what kind of heroes it had. They had a field leader(Captain America), a scientist (Hank Pym, a tech guy(Tony Stark), a Heavy Hitter(Hulk),  Extraterrestrial(Thor) and Wasp. We will use that as the model for the team we are building.

1. Field Leader: Captain America (Steve Rogers)
On any team you NEED a shot caller. You need someone who has knows what to do when things go south. Steve Rogers was the original field leader and in my opinion the best. Captain America’s war history gives him the experience needed to properly lead a team into battle.

2. Technological Expert: Vision
Vision was picked because you need someone to hack into machines and why not pick Vision? He can also sneak into places by phasing through walls, He was trained by Captain America in hand to hand combat and he is a brilliant tactician. Having multiple tacticians is good because it allows you to have another if one gets captured by a guy who collects people, if someone gets brainwashed, they fall unconscious or even die.To me, Vision just works well on the original Avengers team. With Vision, you do not NEED a scientist because of his vast analytical capabilities.

3. Heavy Hitter: Hulk (Bruce Banner)
I was trying to decide between Luke Cage and Hulk but decided Cage was a better fit for a different team. Hulk works in this team best because the concept is simple. Beat up the bad guys and save the world. A simple concept and Hulk is a simple hero in theory. You need a heavy hitter and Hulk provides that in spades but what if you need a science guy? Well, you have one of the smartest people in Bruce Banner. He is a classic member of a classic team

4. Thor (Thor Odinson)
Thor is a classic Avenger and he fits best into the original team. You do not need an Avenger from outer space but at least someone with vast knowledge of Extraterrestrial beings. Granted several heroes fit this without being an alien some such as Jessica Drew and Carol Danvers but I feel they just fit better on other teams.

5./6. Scarlet Witch(Wanda Maximoff)/Quicksilver(Pietro Maximoff)
2 early Avengers members. I would have had them on an Avengers/X-Men unity squad but with them being revealed to have never been mutants, it no longer makes sense for them. Scarlet Witch is useful because of her magical abilities, flight and several other factors. Quicksilver can also be useful thanks to his speed.

Captain America, Vision, Hulk, Thor, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

My main goal was to choose people who just feel right on an Avengers team. I left out Ant-Man, Wasp and Iron Man to switch things up but because I feel they can be more useful on other teams.  If you would like to know what that team will be please follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter or “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook

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