Discussion Time! Captain America Civil War!

Written by: Christopher Johnson

DISCLAIMER: Below are my thoughts on Captain America: Civil War. This is not a review. For the official “Comic Conversations” review by Jared, click here. Also, if you continue further you will see spoilers. I will not describe the story just my thoughts on the story as there is too much I want to say and describing the story would just take up too much room.


I went into “Civil War” with a feeling of nervous excitement. The thought of one of my favorite comic stories on the big screen was exciting, but I was afraid with how it would be handled. I went into the movie with an understanding that it could not be 100% correct, but I still wanted the film to accurately represent what happened in the comics. With that said, I feel “Captain America: Civil War” did exactly that. It felt like a war between the MCU while still keeping the feel of a Captain America movie. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

Story Introduction:

Whereas “Batman v. Superman” felt like it had several stories meshed together, this film has only 2 stories. Most of the first half  of the movie is the Sokovia Accords Arc, with some build up to the “Winter Soldiers” arc. The finale of the first arc, and the scene that separates the arcs is the Airport scene. After that, we dig deeper into the “Winter Soldiers” arc, where we reach the epic conclusion of the second story and the movie in general. With that said, let’s discuss my thoughts on both stories.

The Sokovia Accords(Story pt. 1):

The first half of the film excelled in showing what drove Tony and Steve apart but why they choose their side why MOST of the heroes pick the side they did. I felt they really highlighted the politics of the “Accords” without any side being the hero or the villain. You reach an understanding that each side is only fighting for what they believe is right and though you may pick a side, it is hard not to see the other side as heroes in their own right. As a Captain America film, I expected them to slightly sway the audience to Cap’s side, but that doesn’t happen.

One complaint I have about this story is that we never get a feel for why Hawkeye choose to join Captain America. Sure, Cap called him and asked him to return, but why did he say yes? I am sure he didn’t agree with the Accords, but I wish he would have been vocal about why he willingly choose to return.

Winter Soldiers(Story pt. 2):

Even though the first story drives the movie title of the movie is mostly from the fallout of the accords, the second story has the heaviest emotion and really drives in that this is a Captain America film. I really liked how they found a way to weave the beginning of this story in the first story, that way when they reached this part, it made sense and did not feel rushed at all. It was just a natural progression. They even sensibly tie this story into the theme of a “Civil War”.

To me, the biggest flaw of this segment is why did Baron Zemo need to destroy the other Winter Soldiers? They were on ice and hidden in an old Hydra base and all the people who knew the codes were either old and gray or dead. Those soldiers would  have probably never been activated. Everything thing else about that scene was really good, but that was something that annoyed me. Now, let’s discuss said, villain.

The Villain:

Back in 2015, I had an article about Baron Zemo(Click here to read), where I said he could be the best villain in the MCU. Now, after watching the movie, I can say he is not a perfect BARON Zemo but he is a great incarnation of the villain. My thoughts are simple, his goal of using the villains to tear each other apart is brilliant and sounds like something the comic version would have(or probably has done). I understand that this version of Zemo was not trained by Hydra and he didn’t wear a mask but EVERYTHING else about this character was spot on in my eyes. Going forward. I hope he makes future appearances as a villain. That way he can wear his mask and possibly lead the “Masters of Evil”.

New Heroes:

Here, I just want to talk about Black Panther and Spider-Man. Concerning the web crawler, I just want to say how good of a job Tom Holland does. He was humorous, talked way too much while fighting and even showed some intelligence. Also, he seemed kinda nervous and I thought that really fit in with his character. He has made me excited about the new Spider-Man movie, but in my opinion, the next hero had a far more exciting introduction.

Going into the movie, I anticipated Black Panther would have a small role, where we would learn about the death of his father, and then he leaves after fighting alongside Tony. Never would I have realized he would have his very own story arc and have such strong character development for a brand new hero to the MCU. From watching his father die to the end where he lets the killer of his father live, it’s incredible. Now, going off of that, let’s discuss themes of the movie.


In my eyes, there are two major themes represented in Civil War. You have the obvious political theme; to register or not to register, but there is also the theme of revenge. Whether it is Iron Man seeking revenge on Bucky for killing his parents, Zemo seeking revenge on the Avengers for killing his family or T’challa seeking revenge on Zemo for killing his father. In this, there are three different outcomes to the revenge: Tony and Steve have a severed relationship because Steve never told Tony about knowing that Bucky killed his parents, T’challa forgives the man who killed his father by not killing him, and Zemo ultimately obtained his revenge against the Avengers and did not stop until he believed he had won


Civil War had a lot of differences than the comic version, but I believe the film accurately represented the comics. It was fun, but had very heart pounding moments. There was strong political moments that had major effects on the universe while still feeling like a Captain America movie.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I apologize this was delayed for so long. If you are interested in knowing when new articles are posted, you can “like” Comic Conversations or follow Cjohnson0545 on twitter.

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One Response to Discussion Time! Captain America Civil War!

  1. james says:

    Amazing. review !!! I too loved the film and agree with a lot of your points ! Keep em coming Chris!!


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