My Thoughts: Captain America Controversy!


DISCLAIMER: This is the first of 2 articles focusing on Nick Spencer. This article will cover the Captain America reveal while the next one will focus on my thoughts on him as a writer. This article will contain SPOILERS for two comic book series “Captain America: Sam Wilson” and “Captain America: Steve Rogers”, both written by Nick Spencer. Also, story concept ideas go to Spencer and the characters are owned by Marvel Comics.

by: Christopher Johnson



Introduction: Captain America: Sam Wilson

Before I share my thoughts on the Steve Rogers reveal, I want to turn our attention to “Fall 2015” where Spencer made headlines with another Captain America. As you may remember, “Captain America: Sam Wilson #1” turned some heads when Sam Wilson fought the Supreme Serpent, a man who clearly has political views of a conservative. This tore people into a frenzy that Captain America’s newest enemy was none other than conservatives, this was even discussed during a segment on FOX news. Back then I disagreed with the claims and wanted to wait until the arc ended to judge what Spencer was doing. By the end, we learn that Jordan Dixon(AKA Viper) was telling conservatives what they wanted to hear so this would fear which could be used to turn a profit. In short, people were given the wrong idea from what they read because they do not know the whole story.


The Problem: Captain Hydra?

On the last Wednesday of May 2016, “Captain America: Steve Rogers #1” was released and the last few panels had Steve knock a superhero by the name of “Union Jack” out of a plane then stood above a scientist and say “Hail Hydra”. The issue explained that Steve’s mother, Sarah, was a victim of abuse and she was recruited into Hydra when Steve was 12, thus, Steve has been a part of Hydra since he was 12.

This once again threw the internet into an uproar, but this is a little more believable as to why. You take a beloved icon that has been fighting hydra for 75 years, then all of a sudden he reveals he has ALWAYS been a hydra agent? Honestly, at first I was flabbergasted, but this is not something that bothers me. Firstly, it doesn’t bother me, because I do not believe the change is permanent. I do not think Marvel would give Spencer permission to do this story if Cap was to remain an agent of hydra. Secondly, regardless if the change is everlasting, I believe the story could overshadow the disastrous deviation to Cap’s character. Make no mistake, I do not like the idea of Cap being a Hydra agent, but I am willing to not be mad so I can see what kind of story unfolds from this. Therefore, I will remain impartial to this, for now.


The Solution: My Theory

I have strayed away from doing theories, so I thought it would be fun to do a theory and see how it goes. If you did not know, Captain America had his serum removed from his body in 2014. This caused him to lose his strength and de-age to about 90 years old. He retired from fighting but still help whoever he could. Then very recently, Steve regained his strength by use of the cosmic cube. The cosmic cube is an item that is able to alter reality. We also learn in the issue that Cap’s mother was recruited into Hydra when he was 12. Therefore, Cap has been involved with Hydra since he was 12. I believe we will learn that Cap’s mother was recruited into Hydra, but she originally declined the invite, and when Cap touched the cosmic cube, that was altered into a reality where she did join and Steve was raised to be a double agent. I believe this would be the best way to explain why Steve is suddenly a member of Hydra. I may be wrong, but anything else would ruin what he stands for.



In Conclusion, I do not like the idea, but I am willing to give it a chance to see how this plays out. I enjoy what Spencer has done and am excited to see what he will do with this story. Stay tuned for later this month as I go more into depth onto my thoughts about Spencer and why I like his work. If would like to know when it is posted, please follow @Cjohnson545 on Twitter or “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook.

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