Want to Read Comics? Meet Nick Spencer

Disclaimer: Below is my thoughts concerning the writer.
By: Christopher Johnson

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If you read my last article(click here), then not only do you know my thoughts on the cap twist, but also that it was written by a man named “Nick Spencer”. Today, I would like to share my thoughts on Spencer as a writer. This will be the second article I’ve done in this style. (If you are interested in my thoughts about Charles Soule, click here)



1.What Has He Written?

1A. My Introduction to Nick Spencer

The first books I had heard of that he was involved in were “Avengers World” and “Superior Foes of Spider-Man”, though at the time I did not know he had written either series. The first time I heard his name was with the announcement of “Ant-Man”. This made me want to buy back issues of “Superior Foes of Spider-Man, so I could have an idea of the type of writer he is. Superior Foes was an excellent introduction, it is a comedy series that puts the focus on random villains in the Marvel Universe such as Boomerang, Shocker, and The Beetle. Plus random appearances from Tombstone, Hammerhead, The Chameleon and others was a nice touch. The first on-going I bought from Spencer was “Ant-Man”(Foes had already been completed by the time I bought it). The first Ant- Man series was a comedy, but it was fun and had a ton of heart in the story.


1B. Other Series and Current Books:

Other books that he has written that seem most interesting would be; Action Comics #893-896, “Ultimate Comics: X-men #1-12, Avengers(volume 5) #12-17 and Secret Avengers (Volume 2) #1-16. These are just high profile series that he had written before I really started reading comics, therefore, I did not know he had written them until I looked into it.

Currently, he is writing “Morning Glories” for Image, “Astonishing Ant-Man”, “Captain America, Sam Wilson” and “Captain America, Steve Rogers” for Marvel Comics. Now, let’s dig into my thoughts.



2. My Thoughts on Spencer

2A. Superior Foes of Spider- Man

“Foes” was a unique series as it focused on lesser known villains of Spider-Man rather than the web crawler himself. The humor in this book was top notch and had me laughing every issue. On top of the humor, there was a plot. At times, the plot felt strange and unbelievable, but that is forgivable since it is a comedy. I highly recommend reading this series.


2B. Ant-Man / Astonishing Ant-Man

Ant-Man refers to the six issue run released in 2015 including the annual and “Antman: Last Days”. Astonishing Ant-Man refers to the current run that has 9 issues.

The first series was a blast. Top notch humor and a powerful story including hilarious supporting casts including Machine Smith and Grizzly. Definitely, one I recommend.

The second series is a slightly different story. It rides the coattails from the original series while still bringing in an original story and still great humor. The major problem is that I felt it took a little too much time for me to get totally invested in the series. I am now enjoying it, but I feel it just isn’t as good as the first. I recommend it after you read the first.


2C. Captain America: Sam Wilson

This series was my first from Spencer that was not a comedy. I really enjoyed the issues on an individual level, but I had trouble really seeing how the series melded together as a whole. At least not until the later issues. By the end, you can see how everything connects. If you would like to know my more detailed thoughts on the series, please click here.


2D. My Overall Thoughts: Recommend

Spencer thrives at his best in a comedic book, but that is not saying he is weak in an action based book. I felt the story in Vol 1 of Captain America: Sam Wilson was a unique story that had strong political elements that really drove the story. I will continue to read Astonishing Ant-Man and will read both of his Captain America series once the volumes are released for both. I will most likely review both series when their next volumes are released. If you are interested when those two will be released, be sure to follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter or “like” Comic Conversations on Twitter.

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