Discussion Time: Two Iron Men?

Disclaimer: This article will focus on information revealed from Marvel a couple weeks back concerning the comics released in October. Nothing here is movie related and the characters/story ideas are owned by Marvel Comics.

Written by: Christopher Johnson





A couple weeks ago, we learned that Tony Stark will no longer be Iron Man, but will be replaced by two versions of the character. The first us Riri Williams and the second is…Doctor Doom? I think it would be good to discuss my thoughts on both characters and my thoughts when a writer is given complete control.


  1. Riri Williams -Invincible Iron Man

Riri Williams is a 15-year-old African American college student. She is extremely talented and attends M.I.T on s scholarship. She was created by Brian Michael Bendis in issue 7 of the “Invincible Iron Man series”. All we know is that something will happen to Tony Stark at the end of Civil War II and that she will be one of the people calling themselves “Iron Man” during the absence of Stark.


Honestly, I do not mind this. When I first heard this, I did not want to write an article and really had no thoughts. I do not read Iron Man, so that is a corner of the Marvel Universe that I can ignore. There is something interesting that could hint to why there are two Iron Men, but we will discuss that in the final segment, as it pertains to both characters.


After I have thought about Riri becoming Iron Man, I am still not terribly upset. Riri is a supporting character in the book and even built her own working prototype, therefore there is a logical path forward with the character. The only superpower Tony Stark has that separates him from anyone else is his intellect. Meaning, someone with his level of intellect should be able to fill his shoes and we are seeing that here. This is where the kindness stops. You have been warned.


Doctor Doom -Infamous Iron Man

I guess you can say I was an outraged “fanboy” when I first heard this and several weeks later, I feel the exact same way. I hate this idea for two reasons, but first, let me explain where Victor and the Fantastic Four currently are in the comic universe. Reed and Sue Richards are currently exploring the world after 2015’s event “Secret Wars”. Ben Grimm is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy while the Human Torch has been appearing in “The Amazing Spider-Man” by Dan Slott. Doom’s face has since been healed and he is currently a supporting character in the current Iron Man book.


Now, earlier I said I hate this idea for two reasons; the first reason is that this seems like a rehash of the “Superior Spider-Man” series where Doctor Octopus took control of Peter’s body and tried to become the Superior Spider-Man. That story was well received and a lot of people really enjoyed what Slott did. Now, this looks to be the Iron Man version as his book is called “Infamous Iron-Man”. This is said to temporarily replace “International Iron Man”. This makes me think Tony will not be gone long and is not dead. To me, the worst thing they could do is merge Tony and Victor. Anyway, the second reason I dislike this is simple, Doom is not the main villain of Iron Man. I never saw a reason for Doom to be a supporting character in the Iron Man books because Doom is so entangled into the F4 mythos. They could have healed Doom then have him explore with Reed if they wanted to show that Victor is now a good guy and use someone else to be the second Iron Man. I do not understand what Bendis is doing, so let us discuss what it is he is doing.


  1. Complete Control – Brian M. Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis almost has as much control of Tony Stark as Dan Slott has over Peter Parker. Slott has been writing Peter for 10 years and all or most of the Spider stories have been under his thumb. Bendis has not been writing Stark for as long, but at least 1 or 2 years. Bendis currently writes “Invincible Iron Man”, “International Iron Man” and “Civil War II”. Two of those are Stark solo books while the other one is the event where something happens to Tony. Also, Bendis is set to write the solo series for both Williams and Doom. Which means he has a monopoly over the character/ Sure, that means it will all fit within a continuity, but still, it is not something I like. This prevents other writers from sharing their stories with the character and forces the readers to experience ANOTHER story by a different writer. I understand how this could be good, but it is not an idea I am fond of.


Lastly, earlier I stated”something interesting” and this was a series of teasers that mentioned some kind of divide. When it had finished, Marvel released a version some of the characters were on the left and the others were on the right side. In this bigger teaser, Rri Willaims’ picture was larger than the rest, as was Doom holding an Iron Man mask. This tells me that Riri and Doom will play a major role in the story and will probably lead their respective team, or at least have some kind of large role.In the end, I could be okay with this as long as the story is good, but I have my doubts.



In conclusion, I do not like Doom as Iron Man and I am warming up to Riri as IM. I will not read this series, my series list is pretty thick. I am interested in where this goes and hope it has a satisfying conclusion. Here in the next couple weeks will be my long awaited backlog review for “Avengers A.I.”, if you would like to know when that is released, either “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or  follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter.

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