Backlog Review: Avengers A.I.

Written by: Sam Humphries
Art by: André Lima Araújo
Review by Christopher Johnson

“He works for me, now. Isn’t that right Doombot?”- Hank Pym

“My fervent wish is to crush your pathetic freedoms beneath my boots” – Doombot

“See? What could be better?”- Hank Pym


Back in 2015, I reviewed a series that I did not start reading until there were already a couple trades out(one trade is normally 5-6 issues), This year, I decided to review a series I bought a tad sooner. I would say there were roughly 3-4 issues of Avengers A.I. out before I read it. Before we dive into the review, I will warn you about SPOILERS for “Avengers A.I.”, you have been warned. In this review, I will discuss “the Plot”, “The Characters” and finally my “Final Thoughts:”.

The Plot:

AT THE START the plot was really interesting. At the end of “Age of Ultron”, Pym installed a virus to destroy Ultron, but in doing so he had created an entire A.I. world called “The Diamond”. “The Diamond” is a rapidly expanding world that is rapidly growing in seconds. Apparently, the moment the virus was installed “The First Six” were created then by the time we get to this point, only 3 of these first Six are alive. They are Alexis the Protector, Dimitrios the Tactician and Eton the Gardner. Alexis is the protector of all life, Eton is responsible for all growth in the diamond and finally. Dimitrios is the villain of the book. His goal is to destroy all humanity and after 10,000 years he will meet the creator of the universe(God) and kill him.

Aside from the last part, I thought that was a really interesting idea. I thought the world created by Humphries was interesting and really drew you in, Having Dimitrios hack S.H.I.E.L.D drones and his cyber attacks against military facilities was an interesting way to portray the villain and made me interested in how the villain was handled. So…how was he handled? In a very strange way. Dimitrios spent most of his time arguing with Vision, hiding behind an Iron Man mask and just not really being a villain. I thought him using a gas check app to control the populous was not a bad idea…until the app destroyed itself when it learned what he was doing. I just felt that was an underwhelming end to something they brought a lot of attention to.

The plot was decent, not good, but decent. Dimitrios was good enough for a few issues, but at some point, he just became very stale. Series that take one villain and have him be the only villain for 10+ issues have to use him in unique ways to keep it from being stale. Then, we get to the last two issues and oh boy my thoughts change completely with these two issues. After reading these two, I forgot how decent the book was. Most of these two take place 10,000 years in the future where Dimitrios reaches “The Golden Knot” and fights “The Creator of the Universe”. I felt this was a very useless portion because it kept flashing back between present and future and showed them preventing Dimitrios from destroying mankind while future Dimitrios went to fight “The Creator of the Universe”. Also, “This Creator of the Universe” is represented as a parrot due to some kind of Buddhist symbolism that I do not understand. Anyways, pairing that two side beside was just so strange because the present showed them changing the future, but in the future, Dimitrios loses anyway. It just made no sense and made me not like the book much at all.

The Characters

I am very mixed on the characters in this book as a whole. In this list, I will list them and give my thoughts on them individually. They will be listed in order.

8. Jocasta- Jocasta was assigned to join Monica Chang’s “Robot Hunter Squad” and the existence of that team made so sense. They did not advance the plot at all and seemed like a random edition. Jocasta brought nothing to the book and I keep forgetting she was even in the series

7. Dimitrios- As a villain, I liked him at the start, but after a while he became dull and I was just bored with him. I honestly wish his story had been shorter and less complex, that way there could have been more stories and not one long story.

6. Vision- Vision was not bad in the book and I can see why he was included, but I just feel he was just there for most of the series until he fights Dimitrios in an “Infinite Game”, a game created by hank Pym where you do not fight to win, but to continue. As interesting as “The Infinite Game” is, I do not see how it connected to the plot.

5. Monica Chang- I liked her personality and thought she was a strong female character, but her usage to me just felt underused, almost like the writer did not know where to take her so he added the robot hunter squad just to give her something to do. The reason she is above the Vision is due to her scenes with Pym. The two she has with Pym showcase both of them really well.

4. Alexis- Alexis is an interesting character and I like her story arc throughout the film. I feel her personality is on par with what you would expect, but nothing spectacular. As I said, the story given to her and Dimitrios is interesting, but her story plays a strong role in why the plot becomes confusing. That is how I decided on her being at number 4

3. Victor Mancha- This is where ranking becomes very difficult. Victor was created by Ultron and is technically the grandson of Hank Pym. Victor has an amazing storyline in this book. He starts out as a “runaway”, using his techno powers to cheat at pinball when Vision meets him and brings him to where Pym is and in the first half of the series, he is very reluctant to join the team until a pretty moving speech by Pym and then when he does join the team–he “dies” while trying to save the team, but of course this is comics and he does not die. Instead, he is teleported into the diamond and from then on he just floats into the background. Also… FROOOOOOT LOOOOOPS.

2. Hank Pym- I have heard mixed opinions on how Pym is portrayed in this book, but I really liked it. Sam did a good job of portraying Pym. When Victor died, Pym locked himself in his room for three days until Chang appeared and convinced him that “Victor’s death” gave them exactly what the needed. Also, I liked the infinite game idea, but as I said before, it does not fit in this movie. That is the biggest reason he was left off of the top spot. Now…wait? Who else is there that could be #1? It is none other than…..

1.DOOMBOT!- NO ONE IS GREATER THAN DOOM! Doombot was phenomenal. I was afraid after a while I would get bored of Doombot would get boring after a while or when rereading I would have already known what Doombot would say and would just be bored…but I never did. I laughed every single time Doombot appeared. Doombot is hilarious because he acts like Doom but can not be like Doom because Pym planted a black hole inside of Doombot’s body THAT HAD SOME USE! I mean it’s use was found in the future scene, but Humphries still found a way to find a use for that black hole. Doom was hilarious and I am so glad he was in this movie.

Final Thoughts:

I can not get behind the art style in this series. There were so many spots that just felt off-putting to me. I have never been a fan of claymation and almost everybody’s model in this series looks like the worse kind of claymation, especially characters like Vision, Thor, and Captain America.To me, this is a drawback, but would not be a problem if the story hadn’t been so confusing. The story had so many unnecessary layers that by the end I was more or less just happy to be finished with the series. Also, I normally do not have trouble rereading series, but in rereading this I kept delaying it just due to the end. I mean there are good aspects to the story, but the last few issues just bring down my enjoyment of this series by so much. I do not recommend this series at all. There are a lot of better series out there that you can spend your time reading. Originally, this review was going to touch on the fact how the A.I.s were being racially attacked due to the evil actions of a couple A.I.s, but that will be pushed into its own article where I will add in another “race” that has been known for being racially attacked. If you would like to know when “Topic Review: Racism”, is released then please “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter.

Rating: 5.25/10


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