Individualization Featuring Infamous Iron Man #1

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Brian Michael Bendis. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.


Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson



I came here to say: I believe you are right. If I am trying to make up for the horrible things I have done in my lifetime, I need to do it with the same flourish and energy with which I attacked this world. You are right.

-Victor Von Doom

  1. Introduction:

 A. Why Did I Pick This Series?

Originally, I wanted to review “Death of X’, I choose this series over the other simply due to the release schedule of “Death of X”. “Death of X” is a four issue limited series that is double shipped. Meaning I would review it twice a month then it would be over. I decided I would have rathered review a series with more longevity than 2 months. So…why this book specifically? Back in my article about the two people taking on the mantle of Iron Man, one of the two mentioned was Victor Von Doom and this is his series. I choose to review this issue simply because of the idea of Dr. Doom as Iron Man interested me enough to want to read it and to share my thoughts.

           B. Summary

The art really impressed me. I did not expect the art to be this clean and nice looking. It’s not the style I normally like, but I really liked this style for this kind of book. The story itself did a good job of setting up the future of the book. This issue began with a flashback to pre-secret wars where Doom was still in his suit of armor and another villain was questioning what drives him. Doom became upset and transported the guy to another country. Next, we discover a low rate Fantastic Four villain named Diablo had kidnapped Maria Hill and tried forcing a truth serum down her throat, Doom arrived and defeated the villain fairly easily. The fourth scene featured Doom talking to a lady known as Amara where they discuss Tony Stark’s…absence and if “it” really happened and to try to make her believe he is really trying to make up for what he did as Dr. Doom, then once he leaves Ben Grimm pays her a visit and asks if Doom had paid her a visit. The issue ends with Doom visiting Tony’s lab where he argues with an A.I. of Tony Stark and leaves, but not before hijacking one of the suits so that he can be the new Iron Man.


  1. The Review

A. What Happened to Tony?

This isn’t a complaint about this book itself, but Marvel as a whole. Last year their event “Secret Wars’ had not only been extended by an issue but also delayed once or twice. So, when it came time for when the book was originally supposed to end, the new batch of #1’s that followed up the event were still released. In the #1 to “Invincible Iron Man, we did not learn a lot about the ending of Secret Wars, but we did learn that the villain of the book (Dr. Doom) had not only survived, but reformed and his face had fully healed. Now, looking at this situation, the same thing has happened. “Civil War II” was originally supposed to end this week, but now this issue has seemingly spoiled a major spoiler for the event. To respect those who do not want to be spoiled by the ending of Civil War II, I will not say what it is, but I do have a problem with Marvel doing things in this fashion. This comes off as unprofessional and just leaves a bad mark especially when it is your big event and you can’t even have it be released on time? Definitely, leaves a bad impression.

           B. Diablo

What was the point of this villain?He took up several panels and was ultimately no match for Doom. This did not tie into the story in any way and we were not told how Doom had kidnapped Maria Hill and even how he knew where they were. I hope future issues point out give significance to this section and not just let it be some random situation to show Doom being a hero.

           C. Doom’s Personality and Motivation

In the beginning of the issue, Doom is asked “What drives you?” and of course we don’t get an answer, but that ideal plays a big role in this issue. We also see Amara questioning Doom when he says he once to redeem himself for what he did as Doctor Doom. I like and dislike this. I like this because it gives us a chance to explore the character of Doom and the purpose of what he does. I absolutely do not like him trying to redeem himself for what he did as a villain. I did not read the Invincible Iron Man series, but I hope this is just a ploy and Doom is really only pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and he really isn’t trying to be a hero. The whole idea of a heroic Doom intrigues me, but also worries me.


  1. The Conclusion

I found more to be wrong with this issue than the review of Champions, but this was not a bad book. I did enjoy reading it and the mystery behind Doom’s motivations. The issue did a good job of setting up the book and giving a slight preview of what to expect. I know I am very excited to see Ben Grimm meet with Doom in issue 2. That could lead to a very fun and exciting book. If you would like to know when the review for that issue is released, simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @CJohnson0545 on twitter.

Rating: I Recommend

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