Top 5 Marvel & DC Monsters

Disclaimer: These monsters are not owned by me, but by their respective company.

Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson


Halloween, the time of the year where kids dress up in costumes and go door to door trick a treating. Also tied to the holiday are a string of both horror and monster movies. Monster movies themselves stand in a class all to their own and can be fairly enjoyable. Comic books have no shortage of monsters themselves and today, I would like to discuss my top 5 Monsters in DC and Marvel comics.

The Rankings:

 Number 5 – Vermin (Marvel Comics)

Vermin, AKA Edward Whelan is basically a human rat. He has long finger nails, extremely acute senses and razor sharp teeth. He also has the ability to control rats. This guy is one of my favorite monsters in the Marvel universe for how downright creepy and disgusting he has been portrayed.


Number 4 – Mephitic (Marvel Comics)

Mephisto is the “devil” of the Marvel Universe and is truly a monster of a villain. Playing a pivotal role in stories such as “Infinity Gauntlet” and the infamous Spider-Man story “One More Day” he has really shown to be a menacing threat. I have him so low on the list simply because I do not enjoy this character as the next three, it’s just his actions especially in “One More Day” earn him a spot in this list.

Number 3 – Fin Fang Foom (Marvel Comics)

Foom is a shape shifting alien from the world of Kakaranthara. He isn’t really a villain, but an intelligent kung-Fu fighting alien dragon who just wants to hibernate while outside forces want to brainwash him. I have him in the middle of the list because how often do you hear of an shapeshifting kung-Fu fighting alien dragon.
Number 2 – Solomon Grundy (DC)

Nostalgia from “Superfriends” may have been used to place this zombie this far up, but that show really did not make him terrifying even if I have, a fondness for the portrayal. “Arkham City” and “Arrow” both had a vastly different portrayal of the character, but both successfully showed him to be a terrifying monster that leaves no question as to why he is number two in this list.

Number 1 – Man-Bat (DC)

From childhood, Kirk Langstrom, was obsessed with bats. During his time at Gotham University Kirk admired costumed heroes such as “Bat-Man”. He created a serum out of bat glands and injecting himself with it so he could join them. Kirk Langstrom is not a villain, but more of a man who wants to be normal. The transformation was worse than he imagined and far too advanced for a cure. I really get a strong Jekyll and Hyde feeling from Man-Bat’s story, and that is why he is my favorite monster.



My favorite monsters may not be the most monstrous, but ones who have lost their sense of humanity. Ones that are more tragic than villainous. If you want to know when the next top 5 is out, simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow Cjohnson0545 on Twitter.

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