Individualization featuring Champions #2

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Mark Waid. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.
Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson
“You are not going to make the woman the spoilsport, like she is in EVERY. SINGLE. MOVIE. I’m not here to make you do anything, or to keep you from doing what you want.—I just want our adventures to mean something. To enforce justice without unjust force. No punching down, no killing. Do you want that?
-Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel
Champions #2 was written by Mark Waid w/ art by Humberto Ramos.  If you missed the review for the first issue it can be found here. This issue centers around the team as they camp out and run into someone who may be friend or foe. Let’s hop into this, shall we?
The Review:
The Art/Pacing:
I felt the art and the pacing were both very on point. The art looks good and really fits in with the style of the book. The issue is placed in a campfire setting and it just has a very somber tone and coloring that makes you feel relaxed while reading. The pacing of the book is also pretty good. The book flows nicely and does not feel rushed or jarring.
The Story:
As I said, the issue is set in a campfire sitting and I really enjoyed the direction of the issue. The first half is them getting to know each other and the second half involves young Cyclops wanting to join their team. To me, it worked and was enjoyable. It makes me interested to see where Waid takes issue 3.
Once again, I have trouble getting into how Waid is portraying these characters. Hulk is an egotistical jock, Kamala is very preachy and it seems like every time she has something to say, she says it with an elongated breath. Everything she says seems to be some inspirational message even when it shouldn’t be. I have heard she is very quirky in her book, but I do not get that from how Waid is portraying her. Having read “Vision”. I do not find fault with how Waid wrote Viv. The two big things Viv did in this issue was get offended at Kamala, thinking Kamala was attacking her and how she admitted to have never kissed anyone and tried to kiss Nova, but when that was interrupted, she kissed Amadeus Cho’s Hulk instead. Viv, has gone through a lot of emotional distress, so she should be damaged and unstable. Therefore, it is understandable as to why she became upset at Kamala. The second can be defended as she is an android with no knowledge of love and kissed Hulk purely based on the idea that she had never kissed any boy before. Nova and Miles seem to be fine. I do not know much about them, but I don’t have a problem with how they have been written.
Overall, the issue LOOKED good, but inside the writing was all over the place. I mean it was a smooth read that wasn’t jarring and had a sensible and enjoyable story, but once again the characterization of a couple people was just planned off for me and at times had me confused at the portrayals of the characters. If you liked this review and would like to know when the review for issue 3 is out, feel free to “Like” Comic Conversations on Facebook and follow @Cjohnson0545 on Twitter.
Do I Recommend: Yes, probably.
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