Individualization featuring Infamous Iron Man #2

UPDATE: Due to no time to write, this review is 2 weeks late. Champions #3 was released this week so I will get that review out by this time next week, Enjoy.
DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Brian Michael Bendis. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.15415950_10207699261946302_1826530059_n


Thoughts by: C. Johnson



  1. Introduction:

Infamous Iron Man #2 was written by Brian Michael Bendis w/ art by Alex Maleev.  If you missed the review for the first issue it can be found here. This issue centers around Ben Grimm trying to find Victor while Victor is trying to recruit villains to his cause. Let’s hop into this, shall we?.

  1. The Review:

A. The cover art/Ben Grimm’s role

I liked how Ben Grimm has been handled so far. Just a man on a mission trying to find Doom. I think it makes sense from a logic standpoint, but the cover of this issue annoys me. I know covers in comics are always drawn to attract readers and should never be taken seriously, but this one annoys me. The cover shows Ben Grimm fighting Doom, but they don’t even meet until the last issue.  Hopefully, the next issue rewards us with a good Thing vs. Doom showdown.

B. Victor’s Plan

All we know is that Doom approached the Mad Thinker and tried to convince him to join him for his “Cause for Humanity”. We are not clued in on what the cause is or in what ways The Mad Thinker can contribute to it, but it is a clue that Doom has a reason for becoming Iron Man and will hopefully be one of evil intentions.

C. Doom’s Armor

I really really like this armor. It looks like a typically Iron Man armor, but the color scheme is a mixture of grays and a dark green and then he has a cape/cowl combo. This armor does a great job of representing what you would expect from an Iron Man Armor worn by Dr. Doom.

3. Conclusion:

I disliked the way this issue was advertised, but other than that it was a good issue. I am really interested in what Doom’s plan is and am excited to see Thing vs. Doom. Overall, I recommend this issue and am shocked that I am enjoying a book by Bendis even if it is issue 2.

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