Individualization feating Champions #3

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Mark Waid. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.


Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson


  1. Introduction:

Champions # 3 was written by Mark Waid w/ art by Humberto Ramos.  If you missed the review for the second issue it can be found here. This issue centers around the team as they fight for Women’s Rights in the fictional country of Sharzad. Let’s begin this, shall we?

  1. The Review

– The Cho/Viv Kiss

After the kiss at the end of the last issue, I expected the absolute worst. This issue starts off with the aftermath of the kiss. My expectation was some kind of annoying teen romance love triangle, but what we received was absolutely nothing. Viv(a synthezoid) wanted to kiss someone just to see what effect it would have on her neural receptors and found there to be no significant change while Cho was unimpressed with kissing a synthezoid.  This was the best possible way to follow up that kiss as it was an unexpected twist that led to some good conversation.

– Cho’s personality

This is probably the last time I will complain about this as this is my third time complaining about this, but Cho’s personality just isn’t how I would imagine Cho to be, but I need to give Waid credit for consistency. In writing Cho incorrectly in all 3 issues. I really do not have anything else to add about this, but I just thought I would share this thought.

– Team Leader?

Cyclops, Kamala, and Cho are all nominated to be the team leader by either someone else or by themselves. I do not like their being a team leader in this team as this seems to be a different kind of team book, I would rather them be a team that works as one and do not follow someone else, but having someone to be the face of the team makes a lot of sense.

If I had to pick who I’d like to be the team leader, Kamala is the clear choice by how Waid has written the team. This Cyclops is a young time-displaced Cyclops who I believe has not led a team for that long of a time. Plus, add on the fact that he is the newest member. I believe the leader should be someone who has been on the team since the team’s creation. Kamala is the obvious choice as she created the team’s mission and has already been the face of the team.

-The Fight for Women’s Rights

The main story is really interesting. Viv finds a message sent from a girl from Sharzad using #Champions. She learns that the country of Sharzad is overrun by tyrannical men who have no regard for Women’s rights. I have two thoughts about this story.

I liked how Waid handled the story. They went into the country but knew if they fight for the Woman then there would be no argument for them to have rights as they could be seen as being too weak to fight for their own rights. The Champions worked with the women and fought with them for their freedom. This way, the woman can be seen as strong and independent therefore can be seen having earned their freedoms instead of it looking like it was given to them.

I am wary of the direction of this series. Having seen what the direction is, I am afraid Waid will turn this from unique take about using nonviolence to win and turn this into a political propaganda piece. I will not give up on this issue yet, but that will be in the back of my mind as I am reading this book.

  1. Conclusion:

This book is still a unique take on the teen team genre while containing a theme that can relate to topics in our everyday life. This issue was very satisfying despite a couple minor complaints of mine. As of right now I highly recommend this issue and of course this series as a whole. If you would like to know when the review for issue 4 is released, simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @CJohnson0545 on Twitter.

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