Individualization feat. Infamous Iron Man 3

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Brian Michael Bendis. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine. A SPOILER WARNING has been issued for Infamous Iron #3 and Civil War II #8.


Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson

Story by: Brian Michael Bendis

Art by:  Alex Maleev


  1. Introduction:

Infamous Iron Man #3 centers around why Doctor Doom choose to take the mantle of Iron Man. If you missed the review for the second issue it can be found here. This issue also features a fight between The Thing and Doom, The Thing in Latveria and THE MOTHER OF DOOM!


  1. The Review!

-Cynthia Von Doom

The mother of Doom appears at the start and the end of the issue, but with no real reason. I mean I am sure she will have a purpose in issue 4, but in this issue, she is just there. I feel that has been a negative aspect of this series, people being in an issue who either have no relevance to the series or who will not be relevant until the next issue. 


-The Thing vs. Doom

The fight did not last long, but I really enjoyed it while it happened.  Doom ended the fight by teleporting away before the fight ended. While I enjoyed the fight, I am sad with how short it was. Hopefully, the will be another fight between the two later in the series and we can see the two just go at it as I do not think it will be easy for Doom to convince Ben Grimm that he is now a hero. As the issue concludes Cynthia(The mother of doom), reveals herself to Ben as he is in Latveria. I am interested in how this conversation will go.


-Doom’s Motives

In 2015, Marvel had the event “Secret Wars” where Doom was a false god over this universe. During his reign, Doom had everything he had ever dreamed of; total power and Sue Storm as his wife, until Reed swooped in and stopped him. This made Victor think about his true purpose. If achieving ultimate power isn’t his purpose them maybe instead of trying to conquer humanity, he should protect it instead.


This wasn’t what I expected and yet I feel it is a very convincing reason. Doom is an intelligent man, so after having everything he could have ever wanted in his grasp, he decides that maybe that is not his purpose in life. I think this is a very interesting route and adds character to Doom and suddenly gives depth to this series.


– What is Amara’s Deal?

I do not understand how she is acting. Victor pours out his heart and explains why he wants to be a hero, but she immediately just yells at him and calls him a monster.  It seems this label comes from how he acted in the past, but I feel it is unfair to Doom as she is not trying to look at who he is now. She is too caught up with who Doom was and refuses to give him a second chance, and I think that was a good move.


With who Doom was, there will obviously be skeptics, people who are not totally sold on the idea of a heroic Doom. I think that works because giving Doom someone to prove himself to just adds to the tension. I am excited to see where Bendis takes this in future issues.


  1. Conclusion: Overall Thoughts?

In conclusion, Infamous Iron Man started off interesting, and now this is easily the best issue. Giving Doom a sense of character and logically showing him becoming a hero was a great move on Bendis’ part. I have never been a fan of Bendis, but I have to give him credit right now, hopefully, things do not fall apart later on. If you are interested knowing when the next review for either ‘Champions” or “Infamous Iron Man” is out simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow Cjohnson0545 on Twitter.

Do I Recommend?: YES! ABSOLUTELY!

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