Individualization feat. Champions #4

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Mark Waid. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.


Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson


  1. Introduction:

Champions # 4 was written by Mark Waid w/ art by Humberto Ramos.  If you missed the review for the third issue it can be found here. This issue centers around the team as they are mistakenly captured by a small group of the Atlantean Navy led by Colonel Ajort. Now, without any further ado, let’s discuss this.

  1. The Review:

The Story

This story annoyed me for two reasons. It had nothing to do with the theme of the book and really was not that interesting on its own. Half of the issue was not dedicated to its own story and the half that was felt rushed.

The issue begins with the Champions’ plane being shot into the ocean, then there were roughly 5 pages of conversations then the story happens. The group is imprisoned on the basis of flying in Atlantean airspace, then as they are imprisoned, Ajort leaves to prepare a court trial for the Champions. While he is away, they bust out and proceed to escape. Ajort finds them and then they fight Ajort underwater for a minute until Viv pulls a handle and the team escapes through a hatch.

I can not express how much I dislike this story. There was no resolution at all, I m sure Ajort will return in some form, but for a single issue this was an incomplete story really reminded me that there is not an overarching plot to this series, I first thought this was a cool idea until the execution has left me very unimpressed.

The Leader?

Once again, there was a small debacle on who would lead the team, Hulk tried to led the team, but failed, while Cyclops tried leading the team and succeeded. I wish Waid would just make Cyclops the leader and be done with it.


In my opinion, this was my favorite aspect of the issue, the interactions between the characters gave me the first impression of an enjoyable filler ep before the story even began. So, I do not have a lot of good things to say about this issue, but this is the one good thing I have to say.

Do I Recommend?: No. As of right now, I do not recommend this series to anyone.

  1. Conclusion/Overall Thoughts:

This is a shorter review, as the issue does not give you a lot to talk about. The conversations were enjoyable, but the story was so lackluster that I just do not care about the story for this issue at all. I am just annoyed to no end because I had high hopes for this series and it has just crashed so bad in my opinion. If the next issue does not revive my interest, then I will drop this review and will start reviewing a new series. January 28th marks my 2-year anniversary since this blog was created. To commemorate this event, I will be publishing an article on that day AND exactly one week after the 28th. If you would like to know when the articles are published, simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @CGJohnson on Twitter.

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