Backlog Review- “Baby Talk”: Spider-Woman(2015) Volume 1

Disclaimer: The rights to the character and the symbol presented on the banner belong to Marvel Comics, while the story ideas belong to Dennis Hopeless. All thoughts and opinions belong to me.


Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Javier Rodriguez
Blogger: Christopher Johnson


1 . Introduction


2 years ago today, my first article, “Dual Review: Spider-Woman/Scarlet Spiders” was published. Last year, I published the article “Why I Stopped Reading Spider-Woman” to celebrate my 1 year anniversary. To celebrate my 2 year anniversary, I will begin reviewing the Spider-Woman series that started after I had stopped reading and we will see if I missed out on anything, but this is not the end. Next week will be part 2 of my 2-week celebration where I will focus on a different aspect of my first article, more details on that near the end.


I had stopped reading this series on the basis of how boring the book had become. When the series was relaunched near the end of 2015, the premise of the series was that Spider-Woman had become pregnant and that did not interest me. With the direction the book took, I did not see how her pregnancy would turn the series in a positive direction, so I choose to spend my money on other series. Now, with no further ado, let’s discover how I felt about this series and if I will at least continue to catch up on what I had missed.


2.The Review

The Story:

The Beginning(Issue 1)

I felt the beginning(issue 1), had way too much going on. The pacing was too fast and I felt the writer rushed so much that it was easy to get confused. The issue starts with Jessica trying to be  pregnant superhero while out on the job with Porcupine and Ben Ulrich(her teammates from the first series), then it jumps to her maternity leave party where we see how secretive she is about the father of her baby and in the final act where see Jessica is so bored, she takes Carol up on her offer and travels to an alien hospital where she has an open appointment with maternity and right as I begin to grew exceedingly bored with this issue, the attendant she is speaking with is shot in the head and as issue 1 ends we learn the hospital is under an attack by the Skrulls. I felt this was just way too much for an issue and ultimately I regretted thinking it would have been a good idea to review this series, but then I read issue 2.

The Middle (Issues 2-4)

I felt these three issues really picked up the pace from issue 1. You have a pregnant superhero allying with pregnant aliens to fight off Skrulls who have invaded a hospital that resides in a black hole. The sounds like a premise of a comic that is wacky enough to be enjoyable, and I completely do! These three issues feature the great return of SPYder Woman that I have not read since 2013. The methods she uses to fool the Skrulls just kept me entertained up until the finale. Issue 4 ends with the Skrulls being defeated by Jessica after the birth of her baby, but this was not the last issue of the series, just the beginning of the end.

The Finale (Issue 5)

After the hospital situation ends, the story takes a turn for the best, what made this the best issue of the series is the development it brought to Jessica. The issue was focused on how she couldn’t return to her normal life because she was too scared leaving her child motherless. Throughout the issue, Jessica learns the chance of death is something that comes with being a superhero and she shouldn’t let that stop and she needs to be a role model for her son by keeping being a hero.

I really liked this issue as a finale to the series. Hopeless did a good job of tying a one-shot issue into the larger story. There are no Skrulls, no hospitals, just a girl, her baby and her friends as she tries to make sense of her new life with her baby. I will say it did take the issue longer to be interesting then I would want, but overall this probably was the best issue of the 5 solely based on the character development Jessica receives throughout it. Now, let’s look at one specific aspect of the series.

The Father?

The father of Jessica’s baby is teased at the start of the series and in issue 5 we learn the father is none other than…Unknown!

Basically, Jessica became pregnant using sperm that has been donated. So, she doesn’t know the father and probably never will.

I was mixed on this tactic, but after some thought, I like that Hopeless did this. It allowed Hopeless to focus more on the story and less about the shock factor. If Hopeless had revealed who the father is, then he could have spent a whole issue on the drama surrounding the reveal. Instead, he had more time to focus on story and I really liked that.

3. Conclusion- Overall Thoughts

I thought this series was very fun. It was exciting when it needed to be and the final issue did a great job conveying the love Jessica has for her newborn son and how she just wants to be around for her son. I thought the art was okay, not bad for this comic, but not something I typically enjoy.


If this story had been the story last year, then I wouldn’t have stopped reading the series when I did. The story is interesting enough for me to continue reading the series even if I don’t review any future issues of Spider-Woman.


IF YOU ARE INTO COMICS, then I would suggest giving this series a shot as it is a fun little read, but the series is not groundbreaking in any way.


This is only part 1 of my 2 part celebration of my two year anniversary. If you would like to know when it is up simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow CJohnson0545 on Twitter.

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