Dual Review: “Suicide Squad” VS. “Batman v. Superman”

Disclaimer: “Batman V. Superman” was written by Chris Terrio and David S Goyer and “Suicide Squad” was written by David Ayer. Both properties are products of DC Entertainment and all characters are owned by DC.


Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson


  1. Introduction

2 years (and two weeks) ago, Comic Conversations released its first article. A dual review focusing on two Spider-Verse crossovers. Today, we will be looking at the two latest movies in the DC Extended Universe. If you missed the first blogversary article, you can find it here.

Last year, DC released 2 films; “Batman v. Superman” and “Suicide Squad”, while the movies have their own share of fans, the movies have not fared well critically. In my opinion, both movies have a ton of problems and I would like to finally share my thoughts on Suicide Squad and to rehash my thoughts on Batman v. Superman(Click here to read my thoughts). My goal here is to look at the two movies and for me to finally decide which one is the better of the two. I am saving my thoughts on the future of the DCEU for later this year. Now, without any further ado, let’s discuss.


  1. Comparison

Batman v. Superman

As you may now know, I felt BvS was nothing more than a great big mess. In short, I thought the story was all over the place and the big battle was such a letdown. The part I want to focus on is the story and I will compare it to my biggest problem with “Suicide Squad”. If you are interested in hearing my full thoughts on BvS, there will be a “Related Articles” section at the bottom of each article with 3 previously released articles relating to the latest article.

Suicide Squad

In my opinion, Suicide Squad was another great example of a giant mess.

The editing was horrendous which made the movie hard to follow most of the time. Aside from that, you had random appearances from Katana and Joker that made absolutely no sense story wise, that really made the characters feel like a wasted opportunity.  Of these two majors flaws, I want to focus on the editing aspect of Suicide Squad as I feel that was the movie’s biggest problem.

Story vs. Editing

This has been the most difficult article to write as my thoughts on the subject has been changing ever since Suicide Squad has been released. I can say with confidence that Suicide Squad is worse than Batman v. Superman.

Sure, BvS may have a story that is all over the place, but at least it feels the complete film. Suicide Squad does not. The editing in Suicide Squad is so bad it is so easy to lose track of what is going on and you can never tell what is going on. The editing in BvS saved it from such fate as you may get lost in the changing tides of the story, at least you can understand what is going on in each scene.


3. Conclusion

In conclusion, Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman are not even mediocre movies, but Suicide Squad is a much bigger mess than BvS. Later in the year, we will see the release of Wonder Woman and Justice League, and they NEED to be good movies or else DC could be in hot water. Later in the year, I plan on discussing my in-depth thoughts on the DCEU, if you would like to know when that is up, simply “like” Comic Conversations on Facebook or follow @CJohnson0545 on Twitter. Thank you for reading.

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